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INCLUDES: 1 Gallon of Cutrine Plus and 1 Quart of our AB Adjuvant.

Cutrine Ultra Herbicide & Algaecide with Aquatic AB Adjuvant Non-Ionic Activator Penetrant


Product Description

INCLUDES: 2.5 Gallons of Cutrine Ultra and 1 Quart of our AB Adjuvant.
ABOUT CUTRINE ULTRA: Applied Biochemists has improved standard 9% double chelated Cutrine-Plus through the addition of an emulsified surfactant. Paired with our stronger AB Adjuvant, this combo provides herbicide users with increased effectiveness, and saves time and money.
ABOUT AB ADJUVANT: Non-ionic Penetrant / Activator, Water Emulsifier, Bio-Degradable, Low Viscosity. 1 Quart goes a long way. See label for application instructions
TOGETHER THEY KILL FASTER: Using these two products in conjunction with each other will increase the herbicides & Algaecides effectiveness

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