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Mobitrac USA - Amphibious Aquatic Cutter Harvester Excavator Dredger

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Product Description


The Mobitrac is an amphibious multi-faceted clean-up machine designed for the maintenance and restoration of waterways. Some of the applications that the MobiTrac is currently being used for are lakes, channels, golf course ponds, retention & drainage ponds, and wetland conservation management. 

Performance capabilities of the MobiTrac

  • Cut Aquatic plants above or below water surface!
  • Collect cuttings on land or water!
  • 10’ excavating depth and 20’ excavating radius!
  • Removes sediment to increase water depth and maintains water flow to prevent flooding!
  • Many attachment tools available


Visit for details about tools, specs and to view our huge gallery of pictures and video of the Mobitrac!

"Why pay more for the Truxor when you can get the Mobitrac for less!"

The Mobitrac is powered by a 29 horsepower Yanmar diesel engine and features joystick control for easy operation. In addition, the MobiTrac includes “easy attach” system for quick and efficient tool attachment and change out!

The Mobitrac can cut and collect aquatic plants including cattails, bullrush and any other underwater and above water aquatic plants. It has optional attachment tools giving it the ability to dredge, excavate, and even clean up oil spills! Because of its versatility, the “Mobi” is the ideal solution when working in areas normally inaccessible to conventional machines. 

Attachments can connect to either the lift arm or directly to the hydraulic pumps. The high output hydraulic system makes sediment pumping, excavation, and oil spill clean-up more efficient, thus delivering power to where it is needed.

The Mobitrac is equipped with:

  • Different cutter bars for mowing
  • Rakes for cleaning and collecting
  • Skimmer for toxic algae and oil spills
  • Dredging pump for clearing out sediment
  • Excavation attachment including different buckets

Visit to learn more about MobiTrac Attachment Tools


The Mobitrac is easily the most-effective and cost-efficient aquatic management clean up tool on the market today! Compared to other machines that can do similar things, it is the most affordable and has a proven track record. If your looking to buy a harvester, dredger, or excavator to handle any project with ease, you have to give us a call and set up a demo to see for yourself. We also have a large selection of videos showing the MobiTrac in action. See VIDEOS here

Call for pricing 877-224-4899

Visit for details about Tools, Specs and to see pictures and video of the mobitrac!





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 Most people in the United States are more familiar with the Truxor. The mobitrac is very similar but costs significantly less! 













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