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Emergency Tire Traction Zip Grip GO for van truck car vehicle

Zip Grip Go - Portable Emergency Tire Traction Aid

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Product Description

 Best winter tire traction aid chains  for getting unstuck and adding extra grip to your car tires



Zip Grip Go Cleated Tire Traction Aid 

Check out the all new redesigned zip grip go from Weeders Digest. It is the hottest new tire traction device for emergency roadside assistance. It's designed to keep you from getting stranded or stuck in a snow bank, winter storms, ditch & even work great for added traction in mud. Whether you're in the city or in the countryside the zip grip go gives you more confidence in making it to your destination.


The zip tie traction device will be your best friend in your trunk should you ever find yourself needing to get your vehicle unstuck. It's easy to use, comes with solid instructions and is installed in just a few short minutes. The zip grip go is intended for a one time use in getting you unstuck.


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The Zip Grip Go is not a typical zip tie that you would find in your average hardware store or even a big box store.  They are constructed from heavy-duty plastic, complete with eleven two-tiered traction cleats specifically designed for all cold weather climates. The cleats are designed to give your tires extra traction in both driving both forward and in reverse. You can rest assure that our product will not crack or snap off prematurely. If you use our product as instructed, you will be able to get your vehicle unstuck and back on the road in rapid fashion.  Once you are back on the road, you will need to cut them off and dispose of them in a proper manner. Our ZipGripGo emergency tire traction aids are an affordable solution versus snow chains and have many benefits over chains. This product is not designed for long distance travel.  They are the most efficient and effective product on the market to get you out of kind of bind that old man winter might bring you and your vehicles way!



Zip Grip Go is an innovative traction aid for drivers who want or need the assurance of chains but prefer the convenience zip ties.  Zip Grip Go installs in just minutes. Designed  for driving your car, suv, pickup truck or van short distances and at slower speeds until you get to safety.  

ZipGripGo is NOT designed for driving long distances. They are designed to use when your vehicle is stuck and only to be driven for 5-10 car lengths or until you are unstuck and back to safety. If you are looking for a traction aid made for driving at normal speeds for long distances we suggest that you use traditional tire chains.

  • Gets your vehicle unstuck from mud, snow, or winter weather.  
  • No need to carry heavy chains or hard to use applications.
  • Easy to install and keep in your trunk.
  • Zip Grip Go should be in vehicle every emergency kit.  
  • Each Package includes 10 cleated ties with locking mechanisms 
  • Fits rims up to 22"
  • Use at least 5 ties per tire.

Watch The Zip Grip Go video to see them in action!



Each package contains 10 cleated traction straps and come with added locking mechanisms to ensure they will not break or fall off. Zip Grip Go is not designed for driving long distances or at high speeds on roads or hard surfaces. Only use them when your motorized vehicle is stuck or in situations where you feel you may get stuck. Once you are unstuck they can quickly be snipped away using any kind of cutting tool such as metal snips or sharp knife.

ZipGripGo...the easy to use emergency traction device!.. 

Single Use Product. Not meant for driving long distances on hard surfaces

  • Affordable & economical
  • Installs in less than 5 minutes
  • Works great in ice or mud
  • Amazing results in the warmest and coldest of climates
  • Gives peace of mind when traveling in bad weather or muddy areas
  • Helps avoid long waits & the expense of tows
  • Easily removed with a pair of snips or pocket knife

Zip Grip Go Tire Traction Installation Video


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Order online above or call 877-224-4899. We are available 7 days a week!

zip grip go is the easiest most affordable emergency tire traction device you can buy





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  • 5
    Excellent product

    Posted by Rob on 5th Dec 2015

    This product is extremely handy to have, especially as a Canadian where our winters have many blizzards.

  • 5

    Posted by Robert Herrera on 2nd Dec 2015

    My brother was here from Az and was leaving back home. We know the weather was getting bad form them about the half ways mark. I gave he one package and he said he felt save when he got there. That is a big thing for us to feel save. We get only Ice and some snow here so when it get here we will be ready. Feeling save.

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