Hook Cups - Connect Floating Boats

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  • Hook up floating boats with Hook Cups connector
  • Eliminate rope and bumper boat hook ups
  • Hook Cups sturdy construction ties up floating boats
  • Secure boats to each other with Hook Cups


Hook Cups keep floating boats 18 inches apart, creating an easier and safer way to float together. You won’t need to mess with ropes, bumpers, and cleats. Made from lightweight material that is stronger than aluminum, Hook Cups is built to last and can withstand waves 12 inches or larger.

The patented product has a multi-directional joint that allows boats to move with the waves. Each boat can move up to 12 inches above or below the other, and yet the HookCups will remain fastened to your boat. It's a product that can provide peace of mind for any boater. Hook Cups provide a secure connection between two or more boats, even with rollers and strong wakes.

HookCups is great for any boater looking for a safer and more enjoyable time on the water. Our team is ready to provide customer support and answer any questions you may have about HookCups. Order your HookCups today and elevate your boating experience to the next level!

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