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Lake and Pond Muck Reduction and Control

As lakes and ponds age with time, they will accumulate years of organic material at the bottom from runoff containing grass clippings, leaves, branches, dead and decaying aquatic weeds and algae, fertilizers, leaking septic systems, animal waste and more.  As the years go by these materials begin to decay and start using up the valuable oxygen resources available in the body of water.  As the decaying process speeds up and the organic materials build up at the bottom of the lake or pond, more oxygen is used.  


If your waterfront area has the presence of muck or there is a rotten egg smell, this is a sure sign that the bottom of your lake or pond is lacking the important oxygen it needs to stay clean and the bottom could benefit from reduced muck.  Muck reduction is the foremost and most necessary step towards a clean lake or pond bottom.

When oxygen is depleted in a body of water, anaerobic bacteria partially break down the sediment. In the process, they expel hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide is the rotten egg smell present when you stir up the muck in most lakes or ponds. The cause of the odor, is again, a lack of oxygen.  Hydrogen sulfide is not only highly toxic to aerobic bacteria; hydrogen sulfide is also highly toxic to insects, and also to fish at certain levels.


When you have oxygen present throughout the water column at all times, beneficial aerobic microorganisms and insects feed on the organic sediment which will eventually result in a cleaner lake bottom.  This process is similar to bacteria and insects feeding on compost.  The bacteria feed on the organic sediment, and the insects feed on either the bacteria or the muck, or both.  

At Weeders Digest, we have products such as Shore Restore, which are dense, slow-release pellets designed to sink down into the muck and effectively deliver essential bio-stimulants and beneficial indigenous bacteria.  Shore Restore is capable of reducing up to 12 inches of muck build-up per month. Our Muck Block is an affordable, user friendly product that helps eliminate muck and sludge in ponds, tanks, and small lakes.  Our Muck Block contains a concentration of beneficial pond bacteria and enzymes that help devour the organic materials making up your muck.

Check out our full line of Weeders Digest’s eco-friendly lake and pond muck, silt and sludge control products.  We only offer the best quality products that we know actually work to get rid of and prevent organic buildup on your beach and shoreline.