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Top Ways To Attract Fish To Your Dock And Lakeshore
How do I attract more fish to my shoreline and dock areas?
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6 Fun Facts About Lakes & Lakefront Living

Lake living, we all love it and crave it and want to take advantage of the benefits of living on a lake.

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August Spotlight: Lakefront Living Realty and "The Lake Guy"

14 years ago Scott Freerksen created Lakefront Living Realty, a real estate agency specializing in the purchasing and selling of lakefront properties in the New England region.

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3 things you must have at the lake cabin to keep your guests happy

Here are 3 of the top things we hear about the most that negatively impact peoples experience at the lake. Knowing these will help ensure that you and your friends have an enjoyable time at the lake this year and for years to come

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What is Swimmers Itch? Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

Heading to your favorite beach this summer? Learn all about swimmer's itch and how to prevent you or your loved ones from getting it when you're at your favorite lake, river or ocean shore.....

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7 Important Boating Safety Tips to Help Keep You Safe on The Lake This Summer

As you hit the lakes and climb into your favorite boat, please remember to keep boating safety in mind for your own safety and also the safety of those with you.

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10 of the Best Lakes in Minnesota For Boating, Fishing, Swimming, Camping and More

As the land of 10,000 lakes, the state of Minnesota has plenty of aquatic options to offer, whether it’s a beautiful lake to go boating on, try out some fishing, going for a swim or just sitting on the shoreline.

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3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Waterfront Home Value

Selling your home can be a stressful and exciting time in your life. You’re selling a property that you have put time and money into and have had many experiences with. Now, at this point in your life as a seller; you not only want to sell the property itself but you want to sell the waterfront lifestyle that comes along with it.

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9 Uses For Your Paddleboard That You Never Thought About Until Now

A paddleboard seems simple enough, but chances are you're missing out on the full experience you're board has to offer. Whether you're out on the lake, river, ocean, or even pool, these nine alternative uses will make you want to make a new purchase or even revisit that paddleboard sitting in your garage.

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