Mud and Muck Shovel and Sifting Shovel

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The mud and muck shovel is pretty straight forward. That being said, it is a fantastic tool and works wonders when using it for mud, muck and sludge. The patented "hole" design is what makes this shovel such a great tool when digging in mud, clay, and water saturated materials. It is also ideal when sifting debris from sand, gravel, grain, sports field top dressing materials and prior to seeding and/or sod placement. If you have any questions about the shovel don't hesitate to call or email us!  877-224-4899

Specifications & Features:

  • #2 Round Point 14 Gauge Tempered Steel Head
  • 29" Polymer Handle with D-Grip
  • Solid Fiberglass Core with Polymer Jacket

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