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Boat Anchors

Boat Anchors For Sale

  • Buy this boat plug if your boat uses an EXPANSION PLUG Buy this boat plug if your boat uses an THREADED INSERT

    Bail-R-Matic | Automatic Boat Drain Plug

    Never worry about removing your boat drain plug again! The Bail R Matic is able to not only drain the inside of your boat from the unwanted water, but it can also help to seal the drain tight while you're out on the water riding around,...

  • Digger anchor boat rope cleat Digger Anchor Boat Cleat

    Digger Anchor Boat Cleat

            Durable, lightweight anchor cleat Cleat allows you to adjust the tension of an anchor rope while remaining stationary Holds 3/8"", 1/2"", and 5/8"" line Measures 2""W x 6""L x 2""H 100% guaranteed against...

  • Digger anchor 12lb 15lb fluke weed free weedless boat pontoon Digger Boat Anchor - pontoons & boats

    Digger Anchor | Weedless Boat Anchor

            Digger Boat Anchor The Digger Boat Anchor is one of the most heavy duty & innovative anchors on the market! Some call it the “weedless anchor” as it is designed to drop all of the weeds off in the water...

    $89.99 - $99.99