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Cutters & Pullers

Weeders Digest offers the highest quality lake & pond weed cutters and pullers. Choose from our selection of hand held manual cutters and products like our V shaped style cutter called the Weed-Shear. It is a Weed Razer Style underwater weed cutter and has been a best seller year after year. We also sell electric and gas powered motorized cutters like our Aquatic Vegetation Groomer. If you want to cut and harvest large areas of weeds we have aquatic weed mowers that mount to your boat! Our seaweed cutting tools have great reviews from thousands of satisfied customers. You will find only the top rated Aquatic Weed Solutions proven to control and get rid weeds in your lake or pond. Whether your shoreline your basic weeds and lily pads, to the toughest cat tails we have a cutter for you!