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Lake & Pond Dye

Lake & Pond Dye Products For Sale

  • Liquid Pond Dye Concentrate 32oz Concentrated Pond Dye Water Colorant koi ponds water gardens maximum strength

    All Season Liquid Pond Dye Maximum Concentrate

    Pond Dye - Blue Pond Dye - Black Pond Dye Hello Ponds" Liquid Pond Dyes are SUPER concentrated so a little bit goes a long way. Our all-natural high strength pond colorants will beautify ponds of all shapes and sizes. Just using a few drops can...

    $12.95 - $34.95
  • Variety of Pond Dyes Navy Blue Pond Dye

    Lake Dye

    Just one quart of this ultra-concentrated formula is equal to a gallon of other dyes on the market! The use of fish safe dye is a common part of an overall pond maintenance program. Shore Tech Lake Colorant liquid formula is applied early in the...