Our mission is to improve lakefront & pond owners quality of life by providing the most complete offering of unique and beneficial lake and pond products and solutions in the world.

Pond Aerators

Pond Aerators

Pond Aerators For Sale

Are you a lakefront owner looking to reduce muck, weeds and algae around your shoreline? Are you the steward of a channel, canal, cove, bay or marina where the water has stagnated from lack of circulation?  Looking for an aquaculture solution that’s easy to install, reliable and durable? 

Weeders Digest has your lake and pond aerator solutions including the extremely effective Airstream aeration system. Ideally suited for larger scale aeration projects, the Airstream is a powerful and hearty option for big water, lakes, ponds, coves, bays, marinas and everything in between.

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  • Aerators for getting rid of muck in lake pond beach - high oxygen transfer Float mounted High Volume Jet Water venturi Aeration circulation  for Ponds and Lakes

    AirStream Pro | Jet Aeration | Lake & Pond Aerator

    $3,799.00 - $4,799.00
    Jet Aeration AND High Volume Circulation in One Package Introducing the AirStream PRO by Weeders Digest  This breakthrough technology brings jet aeration and high volume circulation together to provide one high quality system. Efficient, effective...
    $3,799.00 - $4,799.00
  • Kasco Bantam-Aire | Pond Aeration | Diffuser Kasco Bantam-Aire | Pond Aeration | Diffuser

    Kasco Bantam-Aire | Pond Aeration | Diffuser

    Kasco’s Bantam-Aire systems will increase dissolved oxygen levels, promote fish health and productivity, improve water quality to deter algae growth, mix and destratify the water column, stabilize pH levels, reduce alkalinity, and remove...
  • Surface Aerator Surface Aerator

    Kasco Surface Aerator | Lake & Pond Aeration

    Kasco Surface Aerators We lead the market with more installations than any other manufacturer. In an independent study by Auburn University, Kasco Aerators were found to deliver up to 3.0 lbs of oxygen per horsepower per hour of operation, proving them...
  • Robust Aire Diffused Aeration System

    Robust-Aire Diffused Aeration System

    Robust-Aire Difused Aeration Systems Engineered to be the best in the industry. NEW Kasco’s Robust-Aire™ systems are NOW 34% quieter and easier to maintain. Newly redesigned, these systems feature a significant reduction in...
  • Kasco Aerating Fountain Control Panel | C-25 Model

    Kasco Aerating Fountain Control Panel | C-25 Model

    Kasco's C-25 Control Panel is used with the JF, AF, and VFX series floating aerating fountains. The C-25 is a plug-and-go model control panel that is quick and easily set-up, with no hard wiring is necessary. It features a 24-hour timer, GFCI...