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Lakefront Living

Enjoy lakefront living by eliminating lake muck, silt, sludge and unwanted pests with some of our products designed to help you get the most out of your lakefront home.


  • Kasco Deicer Models for Marinas, Docks, Piers, Lakes & Ponds Kasco Deicer Models for Marinas, Docks, Piers, Lakes & Ponds

    Pond De-Icer For Your Dock | Kasco

    Dock Deicer For Your Lake Dock FREE SHIPPING within the U.S.A on all Dock DEICER orders!  Weeders Digest is one of the leading and knowledgeable dealers for Kasco Marine De-icers. By moving large volumes of warm, bottom water to the surface, Our...

  • Lake Groomer Weeders Digest Lake & Lawn irrigation pump packages lake pond lawn irrigation pump kit fire hose nozzle 4 brass hose mount

    Lawn Irrigation Pump Packages

    Lawn Irrigation Pumps Start watering your lawn with high nutrient lake water using our Lawn Irrigation Pump Package today! The Weeders Digest now offers the best Pump Packages and accessories by BeachGroomer.  Finding the right filter and pump,...

  • Swimmer's Itch Guard protection repellant chiggers itch weed cream Swimmer's Itch Guard protection repellant chiggers itch weed cream

    Swimmers Itch Guard | Prevent Swimmers Itch

    100% effective swimmer's itch prevention gel!  SAFE FOR CHILDREN  PREVENTS SWIMMER'S ITCH  LONG LASTING PROTECTION  CLEAR NON-STAINING GEL Comes in 8oz Container   Swimmers Itch Guard PREVENTS swimmers...

  • Boat Lift Motor and PWC Hoist Motor Lift Mate

    Lift Mate | Boat Lift Motor | PWC Hoist Motor

    Lift Mate Boat Lift Motor and the PWC Hoist Motor  - Universal! Attaches to ANY 2 inch wheel! The Lift Mate Boat Lift Motor and the PWC Hoist Motor can provide boat owners with more luxury than ever before. You no longer have to use a manual boat...

  • SALE

    ScareCrow Critter Deterrent Motion Activated Sprinkler

    This product is the easiest way to keep any type of pest away including geese, rabits, racoons, deer and even the neighbor kids! When it senses an intruder, It will instantly spray your unwanted pest with water under full garden hose pressure. Onces they...

    $69.99 $49.99
  • High Quality Long lasting bright Solar Marine Residential Dock Post Lights - 2 Pack High Quality Long lasting bright Solar Marine Residential Dock Post Lights - 2 Pack

    Solar Dock Lights | 2 pack

    High Quality, Long Lating Solar Dock Lights   When it comes to dock lighting, you want to ensure that you're getting the perfect little piece that fits while also glows when it needs to. You want something high quality, easy to install...

  • Goose Control Beacon - Do Away With Geese - Deterrent

    Goose Control Beacon - Do Away With Geese

    Goose Control Beacon – Do Away with Geese Looking for a way to keep geese off of your property or lakefront? Weeders Digest has the solution and we guarantee it will work or your money back! Away With Geese has the power annoy the geese enough so...

  • Wave Armor Floating PWC jetski port dock system minnesota for sale Wave Armor PWC Ports

    Wave Armor PWC Ports

      Choose from our Wave Port DLX or Wave Port SLX PWC Ports: Wave Port DLX (12 Ft. Long) are floating PWC Ports designed to integrate with our Wave Dock System and can also stand alone, connect together or to other floating dock brands or...

  • Aerators for getting rid of muck in lake pond beach - high oxygen transfer AirStream Pro | Jet Aeration | Lake & Pond Aerator

    AirStream Pro | Jet Aeration | Lake & Pond Aerator

      Jet Aeration AND High Volume Circulation in One Package Are you a lakefront owner looking to reduce muck, weeds and algae around your shoreline—minus the harmful chemical herbicides? Are you the steward of a channel, canal, cove, bay...

  • Buy this boat plug if your boat uses an EXPANSION PLUG Buy this boat plug if your boat uses an THREADED INSERT

    Bail-R-Matic | Automatic Boat Drain Plug

    Never worry about removing your boat drain plug again! The Bail R Matic is able to not only drain the inside of your boat from the unwanted water, but it can also help to seal the drain tight while you're out on the water riding around,...

  • Kasco De-icer 1/2 hp 2400D

    1/2 HP Kasco De-Icer

    Kasco De-Icer The high-performance motor in the 2400D 1/2 hp de-icer creates large amounts of water flow by pulling it from the deeper, warmer water below. This helps keep ice from freezing around docks & piers to protect property from the damages...

  • Digger anchor 12lb 15lb fluke weed free weedless boat pontoon Digger Boat Anchor - pontoons & boats

    Digger Anchor | Weedless Boat Anchor

    Digger Boat Anchor The Digger Boat Anchor is one of the most heavy duty & innovative anchors on the market! Some call it the “weedless anchor” as it is designed to drop all of the weeds off in the water very easily so they don’t...

  • Solar Dock Light Wireless Solar Dock Lights

    Wireless Solar Dock Lights

    Wireless Solar Dock Lights Find your dock in the dark. These industrial strength lights will add lighting to your walkway allowing you to see it from your boat without any apprehension. You'll be able to confidentally pull up to the dock in even the...

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    Universal Boat lift wheel attachment Boat lift motor

    Boat Lift Buddy | Boat Lift Motor

    The Boat Lift Buddy wheel drive system is designed for lift owners looking for quick installation, economy and reliable service. Boat Lift Buddy installs in minutes. The universal design fits virtually all lifts with a manual wheel, and installation...

    $585.00 $489.00
  • UFloat - Inverted Life Jacket Floatation

    UFloat - Inverted Life Jacket Floatation

    The UFLOAT® was born after many years of socializing, cooling off, and floating in the many lakes, rivers, and backyard pools of the US. The UFLOAT® combines two necessities when cooling off in the water and getting some sun -- FLOATING SAFE and...

  • paradise pads floating swim mat paradise pads floating swim mat

    Floating Mat | Floating Pad

    GIVE US A CALL AND MENTION THE "Labor Day Sale Ad" To Get Closeout Pricing Starting at $489 763-551-1441    Our foam water pads are built to withstand between 1,450 – 1,800 pounds! Whether you need a durable raft for the ocean, or a...

  • Surface Aerator Surface Aerator

    Kasco Surface Aerator | Lake & Pond Aeration

      Kasco Surface Aerators lead the market with more installations than any other manufacturer. In an independent study by Auburn University, Kasco Aerators were found to deliver up to 3.0 lbs of oxygen per horsepower per hour of operation, proving...

  • Kasco Dock De icer Kasco Deicer Models for Marinas, Docks, Piers, Lakes & Ponds

    Kasco De Icer 3400d | 3/4 HP Marine DeIcer

    The Kasco De Icer 3400D Is Arguably The Best Dock DeIcer For Your Money FREE SHIPPING within the U.S.A on all Kasco DE ICER orders!  The high performance 3400D ¾ HP de-icer from Kasco is capable of melting ice up to 50ft away in some of the...

  • SALE

    Lake Slide

    Lake Slide Our Water Lake Slides are made of durable aluminum for the ladder and frame, with a tough weather and sunlight resistant plastic slide designed to be free standing or attached to a dock/raft. Available Colors: Yellow or Tan It stands...

    $799.00 $599.00
  • Boat Lift Boss | Boat Lift Motor

    The Boat Lift Boss is an all weather motor that is completely covered to keep it safe in the elements. Choose from a 12v DC or 120v AC model. Use a key to turn it on or a remote control to make docking your boat even easier. All of the parts were...

  • Kasco Marine Universal Dock Mount Deicer de icer bubbler Kasco Marine Universal Dock Mount Deicer de icer bubbler

    Kasco Universal Dock Mount for De Icers

    The universal dock mount is designed to mount Kasco de icers to any dock or pier.  It utilizes durable, composite mounting hardware accompanied by a corrosion-resistant stainless steel pipe (pipe is customer supplied) making it a great choice for...

  • Kasco Marine x stream fountain with multiple patterns lake and pond

    Kasco xStream Pond Fountain | 1/2 HP

    The xStream Fountain is the first unit in the Kasco line that allows you to customize your very own laminar display and it is all done with a single nozzle. Customization and design is quick and easy. By placing the plugs (included) into the desired...

  • Solar-Powered Pole Lighting - 2 Pack

    Solar-Powered Pole Lighting - 2 Pack

    Solar Powered Pole Lights - 2 pack Pole lighting made simple. These lights will fit many size and shape poles to add night-time lights to any location. They are sealed for use on docks or harsh environments. The solar panels will collect the sun to...

  • Kasco Aerating Pond Fountain | 1 HP 4400 VFX & 4400 HVFX

    The 1 HP Kasco Aerating Fountain is designed to meet your aeration and pond health needs while adding a stunning and aesthetically pleasing appearance to your pond or lake. Available in two models, the 1 HP employs a 4-blade prop to reduce slippage and...

  • Kasco Aerating Pond Fountain | 1/2 HP 2400 VFX

    Whether you are looking for a fountain to add beauty to a residential or small farm pond, the 2400VFX is a versatile unit with a classic design. The 2400VFX’s 5’x15’ wide “V” pattern provides a stunning display while doing...

  • Modular Jet ski PWC coat lift drive on port Swift Lift | Portable Boat Lift

    Swift Lift | Portable Boat Lift

    The Swift Lift is a safe, portable, and easy to use PWC and small boat lift. No moving parts, means no pinching and no maintenance the easiest to use available on the market today. You can bring your boat lift with you, they flatten down into a carry...

  • Digger Anchor Boat Cleat

    Durable, lightweight anchor cleat Cleat allows you to adjust the tension of an anchor rope while remaining stationary Holds 3/8"", 1/2"", and 5/8"" line Measures 2""W x 6""L x 2""H 100% guaranteed against breakage Stop tying knots to hold your...

  • AirWave™ Pedestal | Boat Seat Suspension

    AirWave™ Pedestal | Boat Seat Suspension

    The AirWave™ Pedestal requires the 2-7/8'' size spider or spider & slide assembly to adapt to the top tube. BEFORE YOU ORDER FOLLOW MEASUREMENT INSTRUCTIONS BELOW AND THEN ENTER THEM IN THE ORDER FIELDS ABOVE: 1. Measure from the bottom of...

  • Zebra Mussel Trap Zebra Mussel Trap

    Zebra Mussel Trap

    An Alternative Ecosystem for Zebra Mussels Zebra mussels (Dreissena polymorpha) are an invasive species from Europe. They are damaging our local ecosystems and threatening native wildlife. Females can lay a million eggs in a single year making them...

  • Pond Dye 21 pounds

    Aqua Renew Pond Dye 21 lbs

    AquaRenewTM Pond and Lake Dye from Weeders Digest enhances the natural beauty and clarity of your pond or lake with Kasco's AquaRenew Dye. This color correcting dye will add a stunning look to your water feature. Offered in an easy to use powder form,...

  • Zinc Anode 1/2hp deicer 3/4 hp  1 horsepower kasco marine de icer

    Zinc Anode for Kasco De-icers

    Kasco recommends replacement of zinc anodes every year or sooner if anode is more than 50% depleted.  A zinc anode is supplied on the shaft of all Kasco equipment for protection from corrosion due to electrolysis. The zinc anode should be inspected...

  • Wave Armor SLX10 Boat Port Wave Armor SLX10 Boat Port

    Wave Armor SLX10 Boat Port

    The advantages of the new SLX10 Boat Port by Wave Armor are in the details. Our modular design is recommended for boats that are up to 28 feet in length. This self-leveling floating boat port fully distributes vessel weight over full span providing...

  • Wave Armor | Modular Floating Docks Wave Armor docking system

    Wave Armor | Modular Floating Docks

    Wave Armor - Modular Floating Docks  The ultimate in modular floating docks, Wave Armor docks are built to last!. Wave Armor Wave Docks are built to allow you to easily attach additional accessories and components such as: PWC Ports (Wave Port),...

  • lake beach tiki hut for sale minnesota TIKI HUT


    Bring comfort and style to your outdoor space with the Wave Armor Tiki Hut! This beautiful stand-alone, Tiki Hut is sure to be enjoyed for countless hours of outdoor entertaining.  Perfect to enhance your space at your beach, patio or on your Wave...

  • Otter Island Swim Raft

    Otter Island Swim Raft

    This summer, escape to a new Wave Armor Island Swim Raft! The Island swim raft is the perfect summer-long vacation for the kids, grandkids or adults! This deluxe polyethylene swim raft includes ideal features such as backrests, a pop-up table and a...

  • JB Lund Roll In Boat Docks

    JB Lund Roll In Boat Docks

    A CUSTOM DOCK KIT TO FIT YOUR NEEDS Lund Docks are the easiest to build and the best maintenance free dock for your Lake shore. Lund’s Roll-In Dock system is a lightweight classic design, and provides the ultimate ease going in out of water...

  • Inflatable Paddleboard

    Inflatable Stand-up Paddleboard

    You'll be able pack your board in your backpack now with the new inflatable standup paddle board. This is the iYogi. It is so easy to travel with this board, it even comes with everything you need. You'll get the board, a pump designed to easy inflation...

  • Drill A Lift (alternative)

    The Drill A Lift product has been discontinued. Our Lift Mate is currently our best alternative. Check it out by clicking HERE    We are staying in touch with the Manufacture in case they bring it back on the market. Sign up for to recieve...