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Pond Air Diffusers

A bottom mounted air diffuser can make a huge difference in a ponds health by bringing oxygen and circulation down where its needed the most – along the pond’s bottom.

At Weeders Digest, we carry a couple of the most popular pond air diffuser systems and can help you determine whether a diffuser is right for your aeration needs or if something else, like a surface aerator or a pond fountain, may suite your needs better.  If you have questions, our staff is knowledgable and ready to answer all of your questions at 1-763-551-1441.

  • Robust Aire Diffused Aeration System

    Robust-Aire Diffused Aeration System

    Robust-Aire Difused Aeration Systems Engineered to be the best in the industry. NEW Kasco’s Robust-Aire™ systems are NOW 34% quieter and easier to maintain. Newly redesigned, these systems feature a significant reduction in...
  • Kasco Bantam-Aire | Pond Aeration | Diffuser Kasco Bantam-Aire | Pond Aeration | Diffuser

    Kasco Bantam-Aire | Pond Aeration | Diffuser

    Kasco’s Bantam-Aire systems will increase dissolved oxygen levels, promote fish health and productivity, improve water quality to deter algae growth, mix and destratify the water column, stabilize pH levels, reduce alkalinity, and remove...