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Pond Fountains For Sale

Our pond fountains are great for large, medium and small ponds and display a wide range of spray patterns that will give your pond or lake a unique look. We also offer floating and lighted fountains that will add a special touch to your pond.

The fountains we provide also act as a water circulator and aerator to help move water in your pond and keep up oxygen levels for the fish and other animals who rely on healthy pond water to survive.

If you have any questions about any of our pond fountain products, please feel free to reach out to us at (877) 224-4899.

  • 2 HP Kasco Aerating Fountains (8400VFX & 2.3VFX)

    This beautiful fountain is available in Single Phase & 3 Phase, 240v models  Best Mix of Aeration and Display Provide a Single “V” Shape Pattern Ideal when Pond Health is Also A Concern Optional Halogen or LED...

    $4,102.00 - $7,973.00
  • 2 HP Kasco Decorative Fountains (8400JF & 2.3JF)

    2HP Floating Decorative Fountain Choose from the 8400JF (Single Phase) or 2.3JF (3 Phase) Great for larger ponds or when multiple large patterns are desired. Comes standard with interchangeable nozzles to create 6 fountain patterns...

    $4,704.00 - $9,433.00
  • 7.5 HP Kasco Decorative Fountains (7.3JF)

    Our Kasco 7.3JF, 3 Phase, 7.5 hp Floating Decorative Fountain provides the power needed to adequately aerate larger ponds and provide eye-catching decorative displays. Each 7.3JF is supplied with 2 different interchangeable nozzles, providing you with...

    $9,634.00 - $14,652.00
  • Kasco Aerating Pond Fountain | 1 HP 4400 VFX & 4400 HVFX

    The 1 HP Kasco Aerating Fountain is designed to meet your aeration and pond health needs while adding a stunning and aesthetically pleasing appearance to your pond or lake. Available in two models, the 1 HP employs a 4-blade prop to reduce slippage and...

    $1,555.00 - $3,711.00
  • Kasco Aerating Pond Fountain | 1/2 HP 2400 VFX

    Kasco Aerating Pond Fountain | 1/2 HP 2400 VFX

    Whether you are looking for a fountain to add beauty to a residential or small farm pond, the 2400VFX is a versatile unit with a classic design. The 2400VFX’s 5’x15’ wide “V” pattern provides a stunning display while doing...

    $1,252.00 - $1,929.00
  • Kasco Decorative Floating Pond Fountain | 5 HP 5.1 JF & 5.3JF

    Our Kasco 5.1JF (Single Phase) and 5.3JF (3 Phase), 5 hp Floating Decorative Fountain or Decorative Fountain Aerator is great for larger ponds or when multiple large patterns are desired. The Kasco 5.1JF & 5.3JF Floating Aerating Fountains are...

    $6,050.00 - $12,884.00
  • Kasco Decorative Pond Fountain | 1 HP 4400 JF & 4400 HJF

    If you are looking for a fountain to dress up your pond, but you are not sure what height or pattern would look best, the 1 HP Kasco Decorative Fountain is the perfect unit for you. This fountain comes standard with 5 interchangeable nozzles to offer...

    $1,757.00 - $3,908.00
  • Kasco Fountain LED Lighting Kits

    Learn more about our Fountain Lighting options - Our LED Light Kit options can be used with every Fountain we offer. Pond Foutain Options offers several sizes and models of Low Voltage LED Lighting Packages for use with all Aerating Fountain models. A...

  • Kasco Marine RGB Multicolor LED Light Kit

    Kasco Marine is pleased to offer Waterglow RGB LED Lighting, the ultimate decorative and/or event lighting for your J or VFX fountains. With the capacity to create 9 different colors, this remote control operated unit also allows the user to adjust...

    $1,100.00 - $3,462.00
  • Kasco xStream Pond Fountain | 1/2 HP With 30 Patterns Kasco Marine x stream fountain with multiple patterns lake and pond

    Kasco xStream Pond Fountain | 1/2 HP With 30 Patterns

    The xStream Fountain is the first unit in the Kasco line that allows you to customize your very own laminar display and it is all done with a single nozzle. Customization and design is quick and easy. By placing the plugs (included) into the desired...

    $1,709.00 - $2,291.00
  • LED Composite Lighting For Aerators, J & VFX Fountains

    LED Composite Lighting For Aerators, J & VFX Fountains

    Flexible, affordable, and brilliant lighting packages for your Kasco AF Aerators, J or VFX Fountains. Designed and engineered with our one piece composite housing and ultrasonic weld, these are the most durable water fountain lights on the market. These...

    $790.00 - $2,384.00