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Muck & Sludge Control

Lake & Pond Muck Control Products For Sale

Weeders Digest offers a variety of Eco Friendly Lake and Pond Muck, silt, sludge and odor control products. We only offer the best quality products that work to get rid of and prevent organic buildup on your beach and shoreline.

With popular products such as the AquaThruster, the AirStream Pro Aerator which provides jet aeration and high volume circulation and is a complete seaweed & muck removal and control machine. As well as our All Natural Beneficial Lake & Pond Bacteria / Enzyme Products. 

Check out our Articles section for muck control articles such as Fall Lake & Pond Care and more!

  • Aqua thruster lake muck blower fan weeders digest Aqua thruster blows lake muck and weeds away and cleans shoreline and beach area

    Aqua Thruster - Lake Muck & Weed Blower

    The AquaThruster  The AquaThruster by Weeders Digest is the most effective tool to help protect, clean & maintain your shoreline & beach. This multi-purpose lake muck blower will meet, or exceed your expectations when used properly. The...

    $1,249.00 - $4,346.00
  • Algae Muck Control, Algaecide Chemical Beneficial Bacteria, Enzymes for pond

    Black Pack Max - Complete Algae & Muck Control Package

    Black Pack Max - Complete Algae & Muck Control Package The BLACK PACK MAX Package is designed to target small to large scale algae problems, clearing up the entire water column and removing the nuisance by speeding up the breakdown of...

  • Aerators for getting rid of muck in lake pond beach - high oxygen transfer AirStream Pro | Jet Aeration | Lake & Pond Aerator

    AirStream Pro | Jet Aeration | Lake & Pond Aerator

              Jet Aeration AND High Volume Circulation in One Package Introducing the AirStream PRO by Weeders Digest  This breakthrough technology brings jet aeration and high volume circulation together to provide one...

  • Aqua Thruster Freestanding Bottom Frame

    Aqua Thruster with Freestanding Frame

            RID & PROTECT YOUR LAKE, POND OR BEACH FROM MUCK, SLUDGE, ALGAE, FLOATING WEEDS & DEBRIS.   Note: This page is for the AquaThruster with the FreeStanding Frame option. If that is what your...

    $1,249.00 - $4,346.00
  • Beach Rake - Super Wide 48"

    Beach Rake - Super Wide 48 inch

    Beach Rake Super Wide 48 If you need to clean up the beach and you want to do so quickly and efficiently, you may not have the proper tools for the job. The Beach Rake Super Wide 48 inch rake can provide you with the help you need. Raking the beach...

  • Kasco Bantam-Aire | Pond Aeration | Diffuser

    Kasco Bantam-Aire | Pond Aeration | Diffuser

    Kasco’s Bantam-Aire systems will increase dissolved oxygen levels, promote fish health and productivity, improve water quality to deter algae growth, mix and destratify the water column, stabilize pH levels, reduce alkalinity, and remove...

    $267.00 - $530.00
  • Kasco Marine Diffusers Kasco Robust Aire Systems | Diffused Aeration Systems

    Kasco Robust Aire Systems | Diffused Aeration Systems

    If you own a deep pond (7 to 50 feet deep) then our Kasco Robust Aire Pond aeration system is your best option. If your pond depth is less than 8 feet then your best aerator option is our Surface Aerators. The NEW Robust-Aire...

    $1,027.00 - $5,075.00
  • Surface Aerator Surface Aerator

    Kasco Surface Aerator | Lake & Pond Aeration

      Kasco Surface Aerators lead the market with more installations than any other manufacturer. In an independent study by Auburn University, Kasco Aerators were found to deliver up to 3.0 lbs of oxygen per horsepower per hour of operation,...

    $925.00 - $9,209.00
  • Lake Groomer For Lake Weed Removal. Rollers Get rid of muck and aquatic weeds fast Lake Groomer | Lake Weed Roller

    Lake Groomer | Lake Weed Roller

            Lake Bottom Roller That Eliminates Lake Weeds & Muck   The rolling action of the Lake Groomers rollers will dislodge and existing weeds and prevent new weeds from growing. Furthermore, the Lake Groomer stirs up...

    $3,895.00 - $5,140.00
  • Concentrated Liquid Water Clarifier bacteria enzymes for lakes and ponds Liquid Pond  clarifyer bacteria Gallon

    Liquid Bacteria Pond Enzyme Water Clarifier

            Black Label Liquid Beneficial Bacteria Is an all-natural, high-performance bacterial blend that fixates nitrogen and phosphorus to clarify water. Applicators will use this product to quickly increase clarity and produce...

    $24.99 - $59.99
  • Lake and Pond Bacteria - Macro-zyme - Removes muck - Get rid of sediment and maintain clean beach shoreline

    Macro-Zyme | Beneficial Bacteria Compound

    The Lake and Pond Beneficial Bacteria compound – Macro-zyme provides the user with a highly effective formula that has been used since 1991 because it provides the results you're after. Simple and easy to use when you'd like to treat your water...

    $16.50 - $900.00
  • Our Muck Block contains a concentration of beneficial pond bacteria and enzymes that help devour the organic materials making up your muck.

    Muck Block | Kasco Macro-Zyme beneficial bacteria

            Beneficial Pond Bacteria Looking for a low cost, low maintenance solution to your muck and sludge problems? The Muck Block is an affordable, user friendly product that helps eliminate muck and sludge in ponds, tanks, and...

  • Front View of Muck Scoop

    Muck Scoop

    Sifting Scoop perfect for use removing small quantities of algea from your lake with a handle that is 27 inches long and a "D-Grip" Ergonomic design.  Made with a strong PolyproplenePoly blade the blade is 14 inches across and 17 inches long...

  • Mud and Muck Shovel and Sifting Shovel

    Mud and Muck Shovel and Sifting Shovel

            The mud and muck shovel is pretty straight forward. That being said, it is a fantastic tool and works wonders when using it for mud, muck and sludge. The patented "hole" design is what makes this shovel such a great tool...

  • Neptune Rake | Aquatic Weed Harvester & Muck Dredge

    Neptune Rake | Aquatic Weed Harvester & Muck Dredge

    The Neptune Rake is a lightweight, yet very robust tool for harvesting emergent and submerged weed as well as dredging muck from lakes and ponds.  It is light enough to carry by hand to any lake, over any terrain. The Neptune Rake can remove...

  • Oxygen Based Pond Rock & Feature Algae Remover cleaner powder Oxygen Based Pond Rock and Feature Algae Remover Cleaner Powder

    Oxygen Based Pond Rock & Feature Algae Remover

    Pond Algae Remover - Remove Algae From Pond Decorations HELLO PONDS" Oxy Based Rock & Waterfall Cleaner Quickly and effectively cleans rocks, waterfalls, pondless features, fountains, statues, plant pots, etc. Quickly and...

    $13.95 - $39.95
  • Dredging machine on floats Portable Suction Dredge Pump System

    Portable Suction Dredge Pump System

            Portable Suction Dredge Dredge pump designed for muck, sludge, mud and plant waste that can be easily removed from bottom.   Pump is NOT designed to remove hard packed clay. Large volumes of sand will increase...