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Floating Docks

Floating Docks

Our floating docks are very customizable, so it requires you call for custom quote. We'll work with you to take the measurements you are looking for and get you a custom quote that will be exactly like what you are wanting. We have more information about our floating docks HERE, so you can read all about this product. Call 763-551-1441 for your custom quote.

  • Wave Armor SLX10 Boat Port

    Wave Armor SLX10 Boat Port

    The advantages of the new SLX10 Boat Port by Wave Armor are in the details. Our modular design is recommended for boats that are up to 28 feet in length. This self-leveling floating boat port fully distributes vessel weight over full span providing...

  • Wave Armor | Modular Floating Docks

    Wave Armor | Modular Floating Docks

    Wave Armor - Modular Floating Docks  The ultimate in modular floating docks, Wave Armor docks are built to last!. Wave Armor Wave Docks are built to allow you to easily attach additional accessories and components such as: PWC Ports (Wave Port),...

  • Otter Island Swim Raft

    Otter Island Swim Raft

    This summer, escape to a new Wave Armor Island Swim Raft! The Island swim raft is the perfect summer-long vacation for the kids, grandkids or adults! This deluxe polyethylene swim raft includes ideal features such as backrests, a pop-up table and a...