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Algae Skimmers

Algae Skimmers

Not only is algae annoying, it smells, its not pleasant to look at and it is just plain disgusting.  At Weeders Digest, we carry a variety of algae skimmers to suit the needs of the smallest of ponds to the largest of lakes.

For backyard ponds, we carry the parachute skimmer that floats along the top of your pond and collects algae along the surface. 

For some of the bigger backyard ponds and lakefront homes with swimming areas and boat docks, we carry a variety of lake rakes that are designed to uproot lake bottom plants that contribute to algae growth.  Once these plants have been uprooted, you can add the floating attachment to easily collect and dispose of these plants and algae floating on the surface.

Additionally, our customer favorite for algae control, the Aqua Thruster, keeps algae, weeds and muck away without having to put any physical effort into clearing your lakefront property.

For lake and pond management companies, we carry aquatic lake weed harvesters that make removal of algae a breeze.

  • Aquatic Lake Weed Harvesters Aquatic Lake Weed Harvesters

    Eco-Harvester | Aquatic Weed Harvester

    Aquatic Weed Harvester Introducing the one and only Eco Harvester. This is generation 2.5 is the only machine in the world that both pulls aquatic vegetation by the root system and skims floating, weed fragments, weed mattes and algae blooms. Our Eco...

  • Lake and Pond Skimmer for cleaning Algae, Duckweed & any floating debris Lake and Pond Skimmer for cleaning Algae, Duckweed & any floating debris

    Pond Skimmer | Parachute Skimmer

            Lake and Pond Skimmer Net for cleaning Algae, Duckweed & any floating debris on the surface of the water Remove floating debris quickly with the Pond and Lake Skimmer. Simply drag the skimmer across the surface of the...


    Long Reach Lake Rake

    The Long Reach Lake Rake provides the user with a long handle and wide head. This makes it one of the best options for raking and removing seaweed, debris and algae from your beach. Weeders Digest has sold thousands of these rakes and customers have...

    $89.99 - $109.98