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Surface Aerator

Surface Aerator

Surface aerators work at the top of your pond, helping to circulate the water, introduce oxygen, and break up algae and film that can build up on the surface. Each type of aerator uses a pump to expel water into the air, allowing it to come into contact with oxygen (and other gases), which is then carried back into the pond.

In addition to these most common types of surface aerators, we also carry pond fountains, pond diffusers and pond circulators. Not sure which type of aerator you need? Call our knowledgeable experts at 1-763-551-1441 for suggestions and advice tailored to your specific project.

  • Aerators for getting rid of muck in lake pond beach - high oxygen transfer Airstream pro from weeders digest. Heavy duty commercial and residential grade lake & pond aerator and circulator

    AirStream Pro | Jet Aeration | Lake & Pond Aerator

    Jet Aeration AND High Volume Circulation in One Package Introducing the AirStream PRO by Weeders Digest  This breakthrough technology brings jet aeration and high volume circulation together to provide one high quality system. Efficient, effective...

    $3,799.00 - $4,799.00
  • Surface Aerator Surface Aerator

    Kasco Surface Aerator | Lake & Pond Aeration

    Kasco Surface Aerators We lead the market with more installations than any other manufacturer. In an independent study by Auburn University, Kasco Aerators were found to deliver up to 3.0 lbs of oxygen per horsepower per hour of operation, proving them...

    $739.00 - $2,640.00