Lake Weed Killer

Lake Weed Killer

Looking to get rid of unsightly lake weeds, algae, and muck? Weeders Digest can help you find an environmentally safe lake weed killer and control solution for your nuisance problems. 

We carry products like Clipper to target resistant duckweed, Cutrine Plus for difficult algae, Hydrothol Granular Herbicide for both weeds and algae, and many other user friendly/nuisance specific herbicides and algaecides. 

Unsure of what types of lake weeds you have in your lake?  This article can help you identify pond and lake weeds that are common throughout the United States and Canada.  

The Weeders Digest team is happy to assist in exploring permitting options for your area, in addition to providing EPA certification information. Our staff is also prepared to answer questions regarding safety and responsible application.

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