3 things you must have at the lake cabin to keep your guests happy

The lakeside cabin is cleaned up, the July summer weather is in full gear, and now you’re about to have guests come up and visit your little piece of paradise. Here are the three ways you can make the experience for you and your guests all that much more pleasant and memorable.

The first thing, and most important that you’ll want to accomplish in order to keep the smile on the faces of your guests is to make sure your beach area is clean of all lake weeds and muck. Let’s be real, you’re probably a fun and interesting person but your guests are more excited to see and use your beach.


There is nothing more disappointing than knowing you’re going to a lake on a nice summer day, arriving only to realize that the beach is full of weeds and muck. You have a potentially beautiful shoreline area that you paid a lot of money for. Suck it up and invest in some aquatic weed and muck management tools and products.

The second step to making the visit a good time for everyone is to have a fire pit area along with some comfortable seating where people can gather round and socialize, entertain one another with music and stories and just sit back and relax to enjoy the evening after the day’s activities. Make sure your fire pit is in an area clear of tree limbs, power lines and anything else that doesn’t need to be near a flame.


Have plenty of good seating for those who want to gather around the fire and make sure it is clear of debris and any obstacles that people could possibly trip over in the dark.

The last thing you’ll want to do is try to make your area around the cabin as mosquito free as possible. Mosquitoes can be a nuisance during the day, but once the sun goes down is when these blood sucking creatures really get to work.


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