Best Ways To Reduce Muck Using Beneficial Bacteria Pellets

It’s a beautiful summer day and the lake awaits to cool you off.  You’ve been looking forward to swimming, wading and playing in the water but as you take your first few steps from the beach and into the water you feel that slimy, smelly muck on your feet.

The muck that accumulates at the bottom of a lake is organic compost that cannot be broken down fast enough.  This is a sign that your lake or pond is overloaded with nutrients and simply can’t keep up with the amount of decaying weeds, algae, leaves and other organic material that is piling up on the bottom every year.

Having large amounts of muck on your lake or pond bottom is a sign that your body of water is severely out of balance. The first step in restoring that balance is to biologically accelerate the healthy and normal decomposition of the muck. The second step is to increase dissolved oxygen in the water and into the muck at the bottom through aeration.

Nature again provides the answer as billions of beneficial bacteria already live in your pond or lake and are always working at breaking down the muck.  Unfortunately, if you have large amounts of muck these aerobic bacteria are probably outnumbered and overworked leading to an unhealthy body of water. You can significantly boost their numbers with regular doses of our Shore Restore Premium Grade Muck Digester Pellets.  They are made from only the highest quality blend of select enzymes, bio-vitamins, pro-biotics and bacterial cultures specifically designed for breaking down & eliminating organic buildup in lakes and ponds. As a 100% natural product, Shore Restore pellets are biodegradable and completely safe for all aquatic species, fish, waterfowl, and humans. They will not kill living plants or algae.

They are dense, slow-release pellets designed to sink down into the muck and effectively deliver essential bio-stimulants and indigenous bacteria. Once tossed into a lake or pond they immediately begin to penetrate and degrade organic buildup by stimulating naturally occurring bacteria and adding sludge-eating cultures. This is a healthy and natural process that can deliver results quickly and improve the overall health of your lake or pond.

Combining the use of the muck pellets along with adding aeration to your pond or lake will drastically help to decrease the muck over time.  Oxygen is important to the health of your lake or pond, including being essential to the aerobic beneficial bacteria that are working hard to keep your body of water clean. Check out our Aeration section to learn about the best products that will circulate the contents of your lake or pond and infuse the entire water column with oxygen. This influx of oxygen helps beneficial bacteria flourish and feed on on all that accumulated organic debris.

Use this powerful combination of beneficial bacteria and aeration and the next time you step into your water you’ll feel nothing but the sand around your toes. That’s the way your beach area should feel on a beautiful summer day.