12 Reasons Why Everyone Should Live On A Lake

12 Reasons Why Everyone Should Live On A Lake

12 Reasons Why Everyone Should Live On A Lake

There's nothing we love more than a lake house. In fact, we think that everyone should be living on lake front property. Not only is it beautiful, but it provides you will endless recreational opportunities, property value, and plenty of entertainment, along with some other perks. Here are our top 12 reasons why everyone needs to purchase a lake house right now:

1. Relaxation

There's something so peaceful about spending your free time sitting out on the dock. In fact, living near the water has even been proven to make people healthier!

Flickr/Eric Hacke

2. Entertaining

When you live lakeside everyone wants to spend time at your house. And who doesn't love having a great place to party?

Flickr/Lassi Kurkijärvi

3. Fishing

Let's just say your supply of fresh fish won't run short, and you don't even have to go to the store! 

Flickr/Greg Walters

4. Children

There's nothing kids love more than a big lake in their backyard. They can spend all day swimming and playing, and the only difficult part is getting them out of the water.

Flickr/Graham Ballantyne

5. Property value!

Resale value when you live on a lake is big time, and it's always worth the investment for the amount of time you'll likely spend on or next to the water.

Flickr/Dustin Henderlong

6. Pets

Man's best friend loves the water just as much as man does, and your dogs will be forever grateful when you give them a lake to play in.


7. Sunrises

Because the only thing that beats a stunning sunrise view from your own private beach...

Flickr/Rob DeGraff

8. And Sunsets

Is a sunset from that same private beach.

Flickr/Troy Smith

9. Lifelong Friends

You'll make amazing friends living on a lake, and water recreation provides some of the best bonding time.

Flickr/Bureau Of Land Management Oregon And Washington

10. Community

The communities that form around lakes are also extremely unique, and you and your neighbors will have a lot of shared interests - that likely revolve around the body of water in your backyards.

Flickr/Tom Whitten

11. Privacy

You'll always have more privacy than those with fences on all four sides. At least one side opens up to the gorgeous water, giving you some much needed breathing room.

Flickr/Tony Webster

12. Wildlife

The animals you'll find in your yard when you live on a lake are always fascinating. They're definitely better than what you'll find in the regular old suburbs and probably much nicer than the ones at the beach!

Flickr/Barbara Friedman

What was the #1 reason that made you buy your lakefront property OR if you haven't yet, what is the #1 reason why you want to?

23rd Mar 2024 Jo Magliocco

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