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Amphibious Aquatic Machine That Harvests, Cuts, Excavates & Dredges

1st Mar 2016

Lake Weeder’s Digest understands these challenges which is why we are bringing you the only machine designed to access EVERY waterway imaginable! The Mobitrac’s versatility gives you the capability of cutting aquatic vegetation on land, in transitional zones, or underwater. It can access sensitive wetland areas that no other conventional weed cutter can access including steep embankments along rivers and storm water retention ponds.

Since the Mobitrac is amphibious, it can cut, collect, excavate, or dredge aquatic vegetation and sediment equally well on land or in water to help maintain consistent water flow. This feature makes the Mobitrac ideal for cleaning many different types of waterways including rivers, river basins, lakes, lagoons, storm water retention ponds, canals, as well as sensitive wetland areas like swamps and marshes. Moreover, The Mobitrac is needed for ongoing coastal wetlands restoration projects that are vital to community’s natural and economic resources.

In addition to providing waterway accessibility, the Mobitrac is a one-person operation that reduces labor and heavy equipment costs significantly.

The Mobitrac is the most cost-effective solution for:

  • Lake & Pond Management and Maintenance
  • Wetland conservation and restoration
  • Water Districts
  • Public Works Departments
  • Municipalities
  • Natural Resource Agencies
  • Lake Associations
  • Golf Courses
  • Marine Construction
  • Fish Farms
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities
  • To learn more please visit our website @ or call us @888-224-4899 to schedule your demonstration TODAY!