Best Dock De Icer For Your Money

Best Dock De Icer For Your Money

Kasco is the most effective and best boat dock de-icer on the market because of its high performance in direct comparison with other competitors.

Based on thrust testing, the Kasco de-icer outperformed all other de-icers by a significant margin across all HP sizes, which translates into more open water for protection against ice buildup around your boat dock during the cold winter season.

Simply put: The higher your de-icer’s power output (i.e., greater Thrust), the more open water to protect your boat dock.!

Dock De Icer Test

½ HP De Icers Tested

  • Kasco
  • Powerhouse
  • Taylor
  • Scott
  • Arbux

Performance Measurements

  • Current draw (A)
  • Running voltage (V)
  • Power draw (W)
  • Thrust (lbf)

The test was conducted by the qualified and experienced engineering team at Kasco.

Each unit ran for a total of 20 minutes without interruption before measurements were taken from 48" prop depth levels in a test pool 4 feet deep.

Thrust Comparison

The Kasco de-icer outperformed the competition with 31 pounds of thrust followed by Arbrus with 29 pounds of thrust.  Powerhouse and Scott both provide about 25 pounds of thrust while Taylor only provides about 18.5 pounds of thrust.

1/2 HP Boat Dock De Icer

Amp Usage

The operating or running amps show how much power is used to drive each unit on a 120V outlet. The lower the number, the less energy and cost there will be to run your Kasco De-Icer.

Amps Used per LBS of Thrust

When it comes to performance, the most important thing is how much thrust your unit produces per amp of electricity used. That's why Kasco units have a design that makes them outperform their competition and use less power with better efficiency for greater results!

De Icer Amps used per LBS of Thrust

Since not all units are created equal, a comparison of the cost per lbs. of thrust is necessary to show how one machine compares with another. The test results also determined that the Kasco de icer provides more pounds of thrust using less amps than our competitors.

De Icer Cost per LBS of Thrust

In Conclusion

Kasco de-icers offer a superior product with unparalleled performance and unmatched value.

2nd Mar 2022 Weeders Digest

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