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Not All Lake & Pond Bacteria Products Are Equal.


Why ShoreTech Black Label bacteria Products out-perform other bacteria products:

ShoreTech Industries proprietary culturing and blending techniques give them the ability to use bacterial strains that are not commercially available. They are highly concentrated, broader spectrum and faster acting. This results in the products work in a wider range of environments and excel at stimulating the natural microbial communities.

All ShoreTech products contain bacillus, pseudomonas, and nitrifying bacterial strains. The combinations can include both aerobic and anaerobic organisms. They also contain beneficial microorganisms, trace minerals, and bio-stimulants that greatly improve performance.

Many other brands only contain basic beneficial bacteria strains and very few, if any of these other important ingredients. This “one size fits all” approach limits the products effectiveness in many situations.

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Muck Pellet Customer Reviews

"This product was recommended by our pond designer. I didn't listen to him until recently and now I wished I had. I haven't seen the bottom of our pond for 5 years. Great Stuff!!"
Posted by Teddi on 30th May 2018

"For the past two seasons I have used shoretec on my new lake home beach. I started with 12 inches of muck at the shoreline and through consistent treatment and manual weed removal, I now have two dock lengths of hard bottom that my wife can even enjoy. Great product!"
Posted by Andrew K on 27th Jun 2018

"I've tried several digester pellets over the last 5 years. These by far reduce muck in the shortest time. Only down side is the price."
Posted by Greg on 3rd Jul 2016

"This product surpassed expectations. I bought a pound 6 months ago (to try it out) and was amazed at how it removed the muck from my pond. I recently purchased more. I am very happy with the results."
Posted by Sharon on 30th May 2017

"I am about three weeks in to my heavy dosege, seems to have breaken down a lot of muck! Will update soon."
Posted by Pete on 11th Sep 2017

"I tried 3 other brands of pellets over the last year and finally think that I have found one that works well! Near my shoreline I had about 2 inches of muck and I can now see the bottom! Out deeper by the end of my dock I have much more but can tell the pellets are reducing them - Its been about 1 month and I am very pleased so far."
Posted by Alan K on 25th Jun 2018

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