Why Spring is the best time to start cleaning your lake front & beach area

Spring Lakefront Cleaning

Early spring through early summer is such a critical time for waterfront owner’s concerned about managing aquatic weed growth and preventing algae blooms later in the summer. Why you ask? Because aquatic weed growth and algae blooms are more of the symptoms that result from not getting rid of the lake bottom muck, silt, mud, or sediment.

In most cases, the lake bottom muck is typically years’ worth of decaying aquatic lake weeds and falling leaves from trees that has decomposed into what we refer to as lake muck or the root of all evil for waterfront owners.

The lake muck is full of nutrients and therefore is usually the primary culprit for spawning new and dense aquatic lake weeds and algae blooms. If you get rid of the lake muck, then you typically reduce the amount of aquatic vegetation and algae bloom growth experienced once the water temperature reaches 55 degrees. This is why we feel it is so critical to start addressing your lake muck issues immediately after ice-out and before temperatures warm the water to 55 degrees. Aquatic plant seeds buried in the muck start to grow as the water temperature heats up above the 55 degree mark.

Weeders Digest is here to help with an array of lake muck removal products guaranteed to help you reduce and remove the lake muck so that you can enjoy your precious summer lake muck, lake weed, and algae free!

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2nd Mar 2022 Weeder Digest

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