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Your Official Guide to Boat Dock Maintenance in the Winter

Your Official Guide to Boat Dock Maintenance in the Winter

Winter is coming. And, if you own your own boat or live lakeside, that means it's time for your annual boat dock maintenance - especially if your lake is prone to freezing over.

Not sure where to begin? No worries. This is your guide!

Keep reading for all the necessary steps you'll want to take to keep your dock safe from winter weather and in perfect condition for years to come.

Visual Inspection

Before starting any winter maintenance, you should first give your dock a solid once-over. And, if you don't know much about how winter weather will affect your dock, it might be best to hire a boat dock maintenance mechanic or other qualified professional for this step.

During your visual inspection, you'll have the chance to check for regular wear and tear as well as areas that might need major repairs or replacement during the offseason.

Clean and Prep

Next, you'll want to use a professional cleaning product to scrub away any algae and fungus that’s grown on the dock.

While you’re cleaning, spray your dock with water and watch how successfully each part repels moisture. This can help you identify areas where you may need to reseal the surface or highlight areas that are more sensitive to water exposure.

Remove and Store

At this point, you're ready to remove and store your accessories, including benches, tables, and ladders. These items should be kept in an indoor area, protected from the elements until spring.

You'll also need to decide if you'll leave your dock in the water. When it comes to wood boat dock maintenance, this may be an essential step.

Dock De Icer

Plan for Ice

The best boat dock maintenance companies suggest winter maintenance measures for their clients, including bubblers and professional quality de-icers. And, which is right for you will depend on your dock's specific needs.

These machines help to circulate water via currents or bubbles, preventing it from freezing around your dock. This can, in turn, prevent winter damage.

Call In the Pros

Even if you've opted for a maintenance-free boat dock, you might need some help getting ready for the winter. If you have any doubts, don't wait to get help!

Putting off seasonal dock services and care could end in costly repairs. Or worse - permanent damage.

This is especially important if you live in an area prone to extreme winter weather, where a sudden cold snap could leave your lake frozen and your dock in harm's way.

Boat Dock Maintenance Made Easy

Now that you know a bit more about boat dock maintenance, you're probably excited to give yours a thorough winter workover. After all, cold weather is right around the corner!

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14th Dec 2020 Weeders Digest

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