Eco Harvester | Aquatic Weed Harvesting Machine


Why do Lake Associations and Lake Management companies choose the Eco-Harvester?

1. Aquatic Harvesters are a better Alternative than using Herbicides & Chemicals for Lake Weeds!

Almost every Lake Association that has purchased the Eco-Harvester over the last two-year’s used chemicals or herbicides previously. In most cases the reasons they stopped using chemicals/herbicides included:

Herbicide treatment became ineffective due to water conditions, application issues, and/or lake weeds built up tolerance to the herbicide and stopped working.1-2 years’ worth of herbicide treatment costs as much as the Eco-Harvester, so 1-2 year payback for 100 % effective lake weed removal with the Eco-Harvester combined with having the ability to control entire process.

2. Proven method to rid your lake of invasive lake weeds like Starry Stonewort and Eurasion Milfoil, etc.

Cutting vegetation using traditional harvesters simply “cut the invasive vegetation” allowing to grow back and spread seeds elsewhere in the lake. Cutting invasive lake weeds leave behind floating weed fragments, which then can also spread to other areas of the lake.

3. Dual purpose Pulling lake weeds & Skimming Algae blooms, Duck Weed, and floating weed mats/fragments:

The Eco-Harvester is the only Aquatic Weed Harvester in the world that can both pull lake weeds by the roots and also skim floating algae blooms, duck weed, and ALL other floating debris.

4. Shallow water harvesting, skimming, and maneuverability around docks, piers, and boat lifts:

The Eco-Harvester can operate in as little as 12” of water which enables to clean up shorelines. Because of its maneuverability, the Eco-Harvester can easily get in close and work around docks and lifts. Most any other lake weed harvester only cuts the “main lake”, because it is too big to maneuver and too heavy to work close to shorelines, docks, and boat lifts.

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