Ice Fishing Safety Jacket by Strikemaster

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X-Large or Large, Saftey Jacket This jacket comes with everything we could think of in a possible life assisting situation: Flotation assist, ice arm grips, glow sticks, 15 foot S-hook rope. TOTAL ICE FISHING SAFETY COAT. This coat has assisted flotation in it to hold up a 275 lb person. There are ice arm grips in the bottom of both forearms to assist you out of the ice. There is 15 ft of webbing with s hook located in the upper left forearm that can be used to toss to rescue personnel, keeping them away for the thin ice. Both the ice arm grips and the webbing have a protective layer that is velcroed so it is not exposed when not in use. There are locations for safety glow sticks and small flashlight holder located in the shoulders. Be safe on the ice all the time. Our coat can be used in the boat for both the early and late season. The jacket has smart features for added safety. Though not designed as a personal flotation device, its built-in buoyancy-assist foam makes keeping your head above water easier in the event of an accidental dunking. Plus, each forearm has an Ice Arm Grip (a carbide extractor stud panel for pulling yourself back onto the ice). It also comes standard with a 15-foot cotton strap with throwing hook and a pair of light sticks conveniently positioned in shoulder pockets. Other features include: • 300-denier nylon • rib-knit sleeves • reflective safety material • many multi-function pockets. This is a well built coat that has many uses beyond ice fishing. We offer quantity discounts for governmental and municipalities that would outfit their teams with our safety coat. AVAILABLE in XL ONLY


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