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The Lake Bottom Blanket - Seaweed killer

Along with the many great products you can buy to get rid of underwater weeds growing at the bottom of your beach the Lake Bottom Blanket has many benefits. It is nothing like just laying a tarp or large plastic sheet on the bottom of your beach as some people have tried. We dont recommend that for many reasons but it is also against the law in many states. 

The Lake Bottom Blanket is 10 ft wide by 40 ft long.


The use of the lake bottom barrier (or blanket) is illegal in many bodies of water in Minnesota and requires a permit.


The Lake Bottom Blanket is approved for use for aquatic weed control by the DNR and DEP of NY, CT, MA, WA and many other states. (most states don't regulate this type of Lake Weed control since it is neither chemical nor intended to be deployed permanently.)  

 The Lake Bottom Blanket is one of our solutions that doesnt involve much work and is completely safe for the eco system. Not only is it extremely easy to lay down and use, but it is also extremely effective at blocking out these problem areas so that you're actually able to enjoy the water.

It is also 100% all natural and organic so that you do not have to worry about harmful chemicals or other problems that might arise with other options. You're able to kill off the weeds that it comes into contact with and prevent any and all of the sediment at the bottom of the water.  


The Lake Bottom Blanket is effective to use on many subsurface weeds and the material is organic which means that it doesn't harm any of the aquatic life that is in the water. Use it in your pond, lake or other body of water for the maximum results. The Lake Bottom Blanket can be installed at any time throughout the growing season and it can be removed after a month or when your ready to move it to another location.

Store it until the next season since it can be used again and again and keep providing results. It is a patented design that is currently being used in over 500 lakes throughout close to 30 states.  

The Lake Bottom Blanket is also approved for use by the DNR and DEP of Washington, California, New York, Nevada, Massachusetts, Connecticut and many other states throughout the US as one of the most accepted ways to remove aquatic weed growth in water.  

It is a product that allows you to get your money's worth for years to come and will only remove the sediment and weeds – not the fish!

Product Dimensions: 10' x 40'

Weeders digest offer many solutions to eliminate and prevent new seaweed growth 

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1 Review

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    Lake carpet

    Posted by Anthony gaglio on 17th Aug 2015

    After more then a month on the lake floor we have no more weeds. We can swim without having to feel like yo have snakes around your legs!

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