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Rakes & Forks

Lake & Pond Weed Rakes & Forks For Sale

  • Beach BUddy lake rake on wheels

    Beach Buddy Lake Weed Rake on Wheels

    THE BEACH BUDDY - AQUATIC WEED RAKE ON WHEELS The Beach Buddy is a truly revolutionary product that reduces the effort required to manage the Aquatic weeds and debris on the bottom of your swim area or washed up on your beach (yes - it works for...

  • Beach Rake - Super Wide 48"

    Beach Rake - Super Wide 48 inch

    Beach Rake Super Wide 48 If you need to clean up the beach and you want to do so quickly and efficiently, you may not have the proper tools for the job. The Beach Rake Super Wide 48 inch rake can provide you with the help you need. Raking the beach...

  • Lake Weed Cutter and Rake kit for cutting raking and collecting underwater weeds Lake Weed Cleanup Kit | Weed Cutter | Rake / Fork

    Lake Weed Cleanup Kit | Weed Cutter | Rake / Fork

    Our highest rated aquatic weed Cutting & Removal tool combo. Rake Zilla + Weed Shear   THE LAKE WEED CUTTER - The WeedShear is our best selling underwater weed cutting tool. This razor sharp aquatic seaweed cutter cuts a 4' wide path with...

    $274.00 - $293.00
  • The Tuff Fork - Durable light weight aquatic weed scoop for cleaning & removing dead weeds from beach Lake Weed Pitch Fork

    Lake Weed Pitch Fork

            Aquatic Weed Removal Pitch Fork THE FORK - Ultra-lightweight aquatic weed pitch fork with a sturdy 16" x 12" reinforced rounded basket.  Ideal for picking up piles of lake weeds along your beach. The pitch...

  • Neptune Rake | Aquatic Weed Harvester & Muck Dredge

    Neptune Rake | Aquatic Weed Harvester & Muck Dredge

    The Neptune Rake is a lightweight, yet very robust tool for harvesting emergent and submerged weed as well as dredging muck from lakes and ponds.  It is light enough to carry by hand to any lake, over any terrain. The Neptune Rake can remove...

  • Lake weed beach screening rake with extra large head and long handle

    Super Wide / Long LAKE & BEACH RAKE

    Wondering where to buy the largest rake for beach or to manage the weeds in your lake or pond? Introducing the Super Long Lake & Beach Rake. This heavy duty high quality rake is 4' wide and includes three handle sections that are each 5-1/2 feet...

  • Razer Sharp lake  weed cutting and cleanup kit with pitch fork

    Weedshear Lake Weed Cutter and Pitch Fork Package

            THE CUTTER - This razor sharp aquatic weed cutter cuts a 4 ft wide path with each pass. Includes two 2ft extensions, a 25ft leash & blade sharpener. Other cutting tools such as the Serrated Lake Weed...

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    Weed Shear Razer Sharp Aquatic Seaweed Cutter with case WeedShear with Carrying Case | Aquatic Weed Cutter

    WeedShear with Carrying Case | Aquatic Weed Cutter

    THE WEEDSHEAR + Protective Carrying CASE. The WeedShear is our #1 seller and most used lake weed cutting product with tens of thousands sold. It can tear through any aquatic weed in various depths of water in your lake or pond. With its razor...

    MSRP: $153.99
    Was: $143.94
    Now: $142.00


            The Long Reach Lake Rake provides the user with a long handle and wide head. This makes it one of the best options for raking and removing seaweed, debris and algae from your beach. Weeders Digest has sold thousands of...

    $89.99 - $109.98