Top 5 Lake & Beach Games

As the temperatures drop here in the north, our minds wander to the fun summer months spent at the beach and in the lake. Whether you are already getting geared up for lakeshore fun in 2018 or if you live in a warm climate where these water activities can be enjoyed all year long; we here at Weeders Digest have compiled a list of our Top 5 beach and lake games to play. Sure, it may be fall but keep those summer dreams going!

Floating Beer Pong


The game you discovered in college and that’s kept alive during parties, tailgating adventures and more is now available for the lake!  Inflatable Beer Pong Floating Raft Set is a fun twist on a classic drinking game that’s sure to make a splash at your next beach or pool party! Challenge your friends and family to a game in the water, or use it on dry land as a perfect cup holder rack.

Classic Floating Cornhole Game


Test your skill at the classic game while it's floating in your favorite body of water! Everyone loves playing an exciting game of cornhole with their friends. Now you can bring the action to the water! This instant classic floating game will test your skill and luck. It's great for the whole family and portable to take anywhere you want to play.

Water Basketball


Your friends and family will have hours of fun with this unique basketball floating game. Giant 45-inch tall inflatable has great hoops action and multi ports for multiple shooters. Find out who's the best lake shot!

Lake Log Flume Joust Set


2 inflatable logs, 2 inflatable log boppers, just add kids, water, and let the fun begin!

KanJam Ultimate Disc Game


The KanJam Ultimate Disc Game from Kan Jam is fun, fun and even more fun. This kit includes everything that you could ever consider needing for an enjoyable game of Kan Jam. Beach and lakeshore barbecues, tailgates, and other festivities have never been as fun as they are with the KanJam Ultimate Disc Game.