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Used Eco Harvester for sale | Pre-Owned Lake Weed Harvesting Equipment

Pre-owned & demo Lake Weed Harvesters for sale

See below for details on available used aquatic harvesting equipment.


2019 Demo Eco-Harvester with Transport Trailer for sale


  • Like new condition
  • Less than 8 hrs. of light duty use.
  • Includes customized transport trailer.  

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Learn more about the Eco-Harvester as well as our other aquatic harvesters and shore transfer conveyors at

 In the meantime if you would like more information/pricing regarding used equipment please send us a message or call us at 877-224-4899.

The Eco Harvester is an environmentally friendly aquatic plant harvesting machine and the only harvester of its kind that pulls the weeds from their roots instead of cutting them like ALL other aquatic weed harvesters! 

The Eco-Cutter is unique because it cuts and collects submersed vegetation like milfoil, curly-leaf pondweed, or hydrilla as well as emergent vegetation like invasive cattails, bull rush, lily pads, and pencil reeds equally well

The Eco-Veyor Shore Transfer Conveyor allows harvested lake weeds to be easily transported from the Eco-Harvester, Eco-Cutter and most other harvesters directly into your waiting dump trailer or dump truck for removal.

We have sold many new and used Eco-Harvesters all over the united states including Minnesota, Florida, Michigan, California, Wisconsin just to name a few.