Wave Armor Docks Smart Step Kit

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  • Wave Armor Docks Smart Step Kit
  • Wave Armor Docks Smart Step Kit


Wave Armor Dock Smart Step Kit

The ultimate in modular floating docks, Wave Armor docks and dock accessories are built to last. 

The new Wave Armor Smart Step Kit features two RotoMolded steps and mounting plate that mounts easily to your dock over your anchoring pipe. These stackable steps allow for multiple steps to be added on to accommodate the height of any boat. Get the durable, reliable construction of Wave Armor in these steps, perfect for your Wave Armor dock.


Includes 2 steps, t-plate, and mount.

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Superior Construction

Our Wave Armor Wave Docks are truly one of a kind, and their superior value starts with their construction.

Constructed of roto-molded durable polyethylene with the highest grade UV protection on the market means your dock will last for years to come, without fading in the sun. Thanks to expertise in rotational molding, Wave Armor products are built stronger, better able to withstand impact and more flexible than traditional dock materials like aluminum and wood. The products are manufactured with a solid, durable wall and are filled with marine-grade EPS foam for extra strength.

There’s also an easy-to-install proprietary H-Beam channel lock connection system for hassle-free assembly/disassembly. Rugged, purpose-built floating dock sections with rigid, closed cell foam-filled interior and bottom suctioning pockets that keeps your deck where it is supposed to be; flat on the water. In-mold fastener attachments spaced around perimeter for adding tie-down cleats where you need them.

Features and Benefits

  • Expertise in Rotational Molding
    • Wave Armor’s rotational molding means high-quality finishes, uniform wall thicknesses, and high durability.
  • More Durable, Flexible Material
    • Stronger, more impact tolerant, more flexible than aluminum or wood.
  • Elite Protection Against Sun Damage
    • The highest grade UV protection on the market means your dock is safe from fading and cracking.
  • Patented, Paver-style Design
    • The patterned grooves of Wave Armor product surfaces were designed to maximize water runoff and maintain cool temperatures for a cool, clean, non-slip dock surface.