1/2 HP Kasco Deicer w/150 ft Cord

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Kasco De-Icer

The high-performance motor in the 2400D 1/2 hp de-icer creates large amounts of water flow by pulling it from the deeper, warmer water below. This helps keep ice from freezing around docks & piers to protect property from the damages of ice jacking and expansion pressure. Kasco De-icers will also allow oxygen to enter the water in the winter providing improved water quality and habitat helping to avoid devastating winter kill of fish.

Kasco’s unique deicer design provides superior flow and excellent energy efficiency to solve your de-icing needs in a cost effective manner.

De-Icers are available in ½, ¾, and 1HP sizes and available in 120V (60 Hz), 240V (60 Hz), or 220V (50 Hz) power configurations to fit a variety of installations and applications. Each de-icer includes two 20 ft. (6m) suspension ropes for suspension installation.

You can also choose from the other deicer mounting options below:

Universal Dock / Pier Mount

A single 2400D unit can keep a circle of water open up to 50ft. in diameter BUT we now offer an oscillating attachment that can increase the amount of open water by up to 4 times. One Deicer mounted on our Oscillator can do the work of multiple deicers and save you money (learn more about the Oscillator HERE) 

1/2 Hp Motor (larger units available HERE)

120V (60Hz) 

Comes standard with 25 ft power cord but there are options upto 200 ft.

All units come with two 20 ft. mooring lines (optional mounting systems including a universal dock/pier mount, freestanding frame, portable post mount, truss dock mount, or a horizontal float are available.

Thermostat and timer controllers are also available to help you save power and improve your deicer’s performance.

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