Rake Zilla | Heavy Duty Lake Rake with Long Tines

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  • Lake Weed Rake Skimmer Fork Collector with long tines
  • Rake Zilla |  Heavy Duty Lake Rake with Long Tines
  • Large Rake with Big Long Tines Teeth for Raking Lake & Pond Weeds And Cleaning Aquatic Seaweed
  • Rake Zilla |  Heavy Duty Lake Rake with Long Tines
  • Rake Zilla - Large Lake weed beach rake with big teeth
  • Large Rake with Big Long Tines Teeth for Raking Lake & Pond Weeds And Cleaning Aquatic Seaweed
  • Lake rake with float for skimming floating weeds algae
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Extra Large Heavy Duty Lake Rake with Long Teeth 

Rake Zilla is and extra large, multipurpose, heavy duty lake weed raker / removal tool. This 40 inch wide rake is the best rake for managing and removing seaweed, algae, leaves twigs as well as many other applications. Its unique design also makes it easy to collect and scoop heavy piles of underwater weeds along your beach. Rake Zilla can also be used to remove floating weeds, algae and debris by skimming the surface using the optional detachable float kit.


We are so confident in this amazing rake that we offer a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!



  • Pole & rake head are made out of rust-proof aluminum
  • The 9" Long tines are made out of agricultural grade, nearly indestructible nylon
  • Extra wide 40 inch rake head
  • Super tough, unbreakable 9-inch-long teeth
  • Available in extendable 7ft and 11 ft handle lengths
  • Unique "curved handle with padded grip makes raking seaweed easier on your body
  • Includes detachable float kit for skimming free-floating surface weeds and debris
  • Includes 25 ft rope to throwing and collecting
  • Weighs only 7 - 9 lbs pounds (depending on handle length) but is extremely sturdy and durable


Rake Zilla's oversize rake head has 9-inch long, heavy duty nylon tines that can hall in heavy loads of dead vegetation. The rake teeth also extend above the top of the rake giving you the perfect tool for grooming and leveling your beach sand. The padded ergonomic curved handle grip makes it easier on your body than other lake rakes. It also makes it easier to pull in larger loads and clear weeds from your beach and shoreline faster with less effort.

Handle Option Details:

The 7' handle telescopes from 4.5 ft to 7 ft long. The 11 ft handle can also be use at the shorter 4.5' and 7' by simply adding or removing the extension.


We recommend adding the Weed Shear lake weed cutter as it makes for an affordable companion tool for cutting, clearing and getting rid of weeds in your lake or pond.

Warranty: 5 Year Replacement (warranty does not apply when used for commercial applications)


Rake Zilla Q&A

Q: What are the tines made from?
A: The 9” tines are made from a nearly indestructible ABS plastic.

Q: Do you sell replacement tines if they break? How much do they cost?
A: Yes we sell replacement tines. That being said, the Rake Zilla teeth are nearly unbreakable when used properly. If a tine somehow breaks within the first 5 years of owning the rake let us know and we will send you a replacement for FREE.

Q: Does the Rake Zilla lake rake come with a rope?
A: Yes and it is 25’ long.

Q: How much assembly is required?
A: Assembly only takes about 5 minutes. The rake (tines & head) come pre-assembled so our customers only need to connect the braces and handle components!

Q: How do I order if I want more than 11’ of Rake Zilla handle?
A: Call one of our associates. We sell Rake Zilla with two additional lengths of handle past the 11’.

Q: How do I use the Rake Zilla to skim and retrieve weeds?
A: Strap on the float with the included velcro straps. The rake will now float on the surface for weed retrieval.

Q: Will my RakeZilla rust?
A: No, the RakeZilla is constructed of aluminum and plastic which will not rust.

Q: Will the Rake Zilla pull out growing weeds?
A: RakeZilla can dig down and pull some types of weed stems and roots from the beach bottom. That being said, the rake is designed to rake and collect dead debris and weed sitting below and above the water. If your main goal is to pull or cut weeds we suggest buying one of our weed cutters or pullers as well.

Q: How sturdy are the rake tines?
A: The Rakezilla tines are designed and made of materials similar tines used in the agricultural industry. They are nearly unbreakable.

Q: Is it easy to store this large rake?
A: The Rakezilla handle easily comes apart down into 4-foot extensions, making it portable and easy to store.

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Warranty Information

WARRANTY: 5-Year Replacement (warranty does not apply when used for commercial applications)
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50 Reviews

  • 5
    Rake Zilla

    Posted by Sharlene Masson on 30th Aug 2022

    This rake works very well on large clumps of weeds it is well made and light which is a plus

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Aug 2022


  • 5

    Posted by Jim Gansmiller on 18th Jul 2022

    This rake appears to be well designed with quality materials. It seems to work well in all of its different configurations. If it were lost or stolen, I would buy another one!

  • 5
    Rake Zilla

    Posted by Mike on 7th Jul 2022

    This thing is a beast! It easily outperforms our lake/beach rake. It pulls more weeds in less time. I wish I had purchased it sooner!

  • 5

    Posted by RON on 3rd Jul 2022


  • 5
    Rake zilla

    Posted by Margret Hartzog on 9th Jun 2022

    I have previously purchased the weed cutter and it does an excellent job. Our recent project is ridding our pond of hydrilla and it’s been tough to say the least. Since we’ve had such great success with the weed cutter I investigated in searching for a rake and boy did I find one. Rake Zilla is a beast and it’s been quite the success! I don’t know how I managed to loose the carriage bolt but I think it’s a simple fix, otherwise it’s been a great tool and purchase!

  • 5
    Rake Zilla

    Posted by Dan McNally on 6th Jun 2022

    An outstanding tool.... easy to assemble and a beast at raking up leaves, sticks, & shells that were in the way of my AquaThruster's attempt to move silt.

  • 5
    Very efficient and well made rake.

    Posted by Ed on 7th Apr 2022

    Received the rake and immediately assembled it (15-20 min), I went right to work with it and had more leaves on shore in a 1/2 hour than i would have in 3 hours with my usual method. I was skeptical of the plastic tines but the are well engineered and very strong. Thanks Charlie & Jodi for the great customer service!

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Deeman on 27th Feb 2022

    I purchase this to remove leaves limb etc from pond, works great, strong teeth yet pliable,. Satisfied customers.

  • 5

    Posted by RC875 on 10th Jan 2022

    Works great. Significant time savor vs standard rakes

  • 5
    Rake Zilla

    Posted by Paul J B on 19th Oct 2021

    Product delivered on time and was very easy to assemble. After first use, the product met my expectations and instant results on the shoreline were achieved. Looking forward to working the rest of the shore line.

  • 5

    Posted by Wayne on 17th Sep 2021

    My pond was an absolute mess with Sago Pondweed. I cleared most of shoreline using the 11’ handle. Then, in a shallow area further out, I removed part of the handle and used the rope to pull grass to my boat where I put the grass in a washtub. It was not easy work, and I have many hours in this, but my pond looks much better. The rake is the best solution for the money.

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