AquaThruster Basic

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  • AquaThruster Basic
  • AquaThruster Basic


AquaThruster Basic: Maximum Value, Affordable Price!

Discover the Power of AquaThruster in Our Most Cost-Effective Bundle

Experience muck-free waters and weed-free shorelines with our new AquaThruster Basic. Crafted for those still contemplating the AquaThruster magic, or our loyalists seeking a handy second unit, this package provides unbeatable value at a friendly price.

What's Included?

1/2 HP AquaThruster

Our tried and tested AquaThruster in a compact yet powerful 1/2 HP configuration. Engineered to tackle muck, sludge, and unwelcome aquatic vegetation, keeping your waterfront clean and enjoyable.


Offering flexibility in placement, this durable power cord ensures a seamless operation, bridging your AquaThruster to its power source with ease.

Free Standing Frame

  • Adjustable: Adapt it to your specific waterfront needs.
  • Portable: Easy to move, set up, and store. Make the most of it wherever you go!
  • Shareable: Let your neighbors in on the AquaThruster magic. A perfect sharing tool for communities or extended families.

Why Consider Our AquaThruster Essentials Bundle?

  • Pocket-Friendly: Dive into AquaThruster's benefits without breaking the bank.
  • Expanded Coverage: Already have a feature-rich AquaThruster? This is an ideal second unit to amplify coverage.
  • Simplified Experience: With no complex add-ons, it’s a straightforward plug-and-play solution for aquatic management.

Reach Your Tipping Point!

Whether you're just discovering the wonders of the AquaThruster or aiming to double the magic, our AquaThruster Basic is tailored to exceed expectations. Transform your waterfront experience with AquaThruster – now within everyone's reach.

Ready to dive in?

P.S. Don't forget to check out our accessories, including the 360 Degree Oscillator, to further enhance your AquaThruster experience in the future!

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