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AquaThruster/Blaster Extras

Accessories For Your Aqua Thruster

  • 7-Day Dual Outlet Heavy Duty Digital Outdoor Waterproof Timer 7 day digital outdoor timer for AquaThruster

    Dual Outlet Heavy Duty 7-Day Digital Outdoor Timer

    Automate your Aqua Thruster or Aqua Blaster operation with our 7-Day Dual Outlet Heavy Duty Digital Timer with up to 20 on/off settings per day, repeats weekly. Option to program each day different or weekdays different than weekends. With countdown,...

  • AquaThruster Portable Post Mount Weeders Digest Aqua Thruster Mounting Option Post Mount

    Portable Post Mount

    Our portable post mount works for both our AquaThruster and AquaBlaster units! It is a great option for people who want to be able to move their unit around the dock quickly. Mounts on round or square dock posts up to 4 inches! Portable Dock Post Mount:...

  • Aqua Thruster Sweep Lake Muck Blower 360 Oscillator Aqua Thruster 360 Oscillator | Sweep your Lake Front

    Aqua Thruster 360 Oscillator | Sweep your Lake Front

    360 Oscillator Mount for the AquaThruster The 360 Degree Oscillator for the AquaThruster will keep your waterfront, dock area or canal clean from algae, trash and decaying debris on the surface. It will also forcefully blast muck, silt, and sweep...

    $799.00 - $849.00
  • Dock Plate Mount

    Dock Plate Mount

    The Dock Plate Mount for the Aqua Thruster allows you to easily install on any part of your dock surface using a few bolts. This is a “semi-permanent” option for those who have no need to move their unit around their dock or shoreline. The...

  • Prop motor for Aquathruster Blaster two blade 4 blade muck blower

    Aqua Thruster | Aqua Blaster | Props

    Has your prop taken alot of abuse and looking beat up? A new prop can increase the performance of your AquaThruster or AquaBlaster. -The 1/2 Hp and the 3/4 Hp AquaThruster must use the 2 blade prop. $59.85 -The 1 Hp must use the 4 blade prop...

  • Aqua Thruster Lake Muck Weed Control Blower Aqua Thruster | Truss Dock Mount

    Aqua Thruster | Truss Dock Mount

    Truss Dock Mount: -This "sandwhich style" mount attaches to the side of any truss style dock frame. It can be moved anywhere around your dock very easily so you can cover more area effectively.   -The Truss Dock Mount attaches and detaches to any...

  • Locking Collar to ensure safety

    Locking Collar

    The locking collar is an extra item that can be purchased with your AquaThruster. It is a simple concept that makes it even easier to set your depth and be sure that if someone accidentally loosens the locking handle that the unit will not drop to the...

  • Float Mount Only

    Float Mount Only

    The float option is a good choice if you don’t have a dock/pier and want to blast algae and floating debris away from your shoreline.  When the AquaThruster is attached to the float it will sit two feet below the float. Keep in mind that the...

  • Quick Attach Mount | for AquaThruster

    The "Quick Attach Mount" for the Aqua Thruster is a great way to make moving your AquaThruster to and from different stationary mounts.  The quick attach is compatible with all mounts except for the FreeStanding Frame and the Float Mount.  

  • Adhesive backed vibration dampening pad

    On some occasions when mounted to metal docks, the dock plate will make a vibrating sound. We have listened to our customers needs and created the "Adhesive backed vibration dampening pad". This goes in between the dock plate and your dock surface to...

  • Kasco Marine Deicer Thermostat Control Panel Timer Kasco De-Icer Thermostat | De-Icer Timers (C-Timer)

    Kasco De-Icer Thermostat | De-Icer Timers (C-Timer)

    Weeders Digest offer a variety of De-icers & Bubblers / Water Agitators. We also offer the best Timers & Thermostat Control Panels money can buy. Dont forget to check out our De-icing Products including our innovative OSCILLATING ATTACHMENT...

    $96.00 - $239.25
  • Zinc Anode 1/2hp Aqua Thruster 3/4 hp  1 horsepower AquaThruster Muck Blower

    Zinc Anode for AquaThruster

    Weeders Digest recommends replacement of the Aqua Thruster's zinc anodes every year - or sooner if anode is more than 50% depleted.  A zinc anode is easy to replace on the shaft of all Aqua Thruster motors. Replacement Zinc Anodes are available...

    $16.95 - $19.95
  • GFI tester

    Warns against faulty wiring in 3-wire receptacles. -Tests GFCI receptacles for proper operation. -Voltage: 125.00 VAC.