Aquatic Weed Control - Dealing With Problems Above & Below the Surface


There are so many wonderful benefits of owning and living on a waterfront property.  There are also many issues that can come up as well. Letting your lake or pond get out of control with aquatic weeds is at the top of the list. As you’re sitting there enjoying the beauty of your body of water it can be easy to forget what will quickly happen to it all without the proper management of water weeds and vegetation.


The more mature your lake or pond is, the more you’ll have to deal with aquatic weeds.  Not only are they unsightly to look at but they can also suck the life out of your waterfront area if action isn’t taken immediately. Different types of aquatic weeds can take residence along your waterfront area.  These include weeds above and below the surface.

Submerged aquatic weeds and plants require water to stand up and have an extremely strong root system that is very difficult to pull out. Typically, most of the plant will be submerged in water but can grow to the surface and spread.

Floating weeds, usually found in shallow water, can spread out and completely cover the surface of your lake or pond area, cutting off the light and oxygen to the fish and life below.


Emergent weeds are rooted plants, such as cattails, that grow along the shoreline and rise up above the surface of the water. Emergent plant life may have some of it’s root system in the water but all of the leaves will be above the surface.

Whether it’s a herbicide such as Clipper or a tool such as the Weed Shear, Weeders Digest has the best products and tools for you to combat your lake weed problems.

Keep in mind that there are always multiple and various ways to get rid of and control your lake or pond aquatic weed problems.  Always keep in mind the different variables that come along with your lake aquatic weed issues such as the type of plant you’re dealing with, the size of the treatment area, what your pond or lake is used for and your location.


No situation is too extreme, we will find a solution that will work for you no matter how many aquatic weeds you have around your swimming area and dock. Whether it's Milfoil, Hydrilla, Lily Pads, Reeds, Duckweed, Curlyleaf pondweed, or other type of aquatic vegetation you need help identifying, we have a product that will help control your pond or lake nuisances.  We encourage you to read the amazing product reviews for our aquatic weed control products left by our happy customers. And as always, If you need expert advice or help finding the right product that will fit your needs give us a call or use our contact form.