Best Ice Fishing Gear You Need In 2022

Best Ice Fishing Gear You Need In 2022

There is no better feeling than getting out on the ice in a warm ice shelter while enjoying a beer with a buddy waiting for the fish to bite.

At Weeders Digest, we know the ice fishing season is never long enough. Therefore, we offer our customers the best ice fishing gear needed to help you get out on the ice faster so you can enjoy as much time as possible fishing.

#1 Ice Auger Carrier

Without a doubt, your ice auger is the most important tool you need for ice fishing. However, lugging it around on your atv, utv or snowmobile is virtually impossible without an ice auger carrier.

Introducing the Jaws of Ice! The Jaws of Ice is compatible with virtually every ice auger ever made and is guaranteed to securely and safely get your ice auger from point A to point B.

Mounting your ice auger on the Jaws of Ice is super easy. Simply place your ice auger on the mount and lift the locking levers to secure your ice auger in place.

Dismounting your ice auger from the Jaws of Ice is just as easy as mounting it. All you have to do is pull the spring loaded release cord to set your ice auger free.

View pricing and options for the Jaws of Ice auger mount here…

#2 Wireless Tip Ups

Blue Tipz Ice Fishing Tip Up Alerts

If you have ever wanted to get more lines in the water and have an efficient way to monitor them, wireless tip ups are for you.

The Blue Tipz Tip Up alerts your phone when you have a “fish on”. Simply download the Blue Tipz app on your Apple or Android device, place a Blue Tipz on your tip up and wait for the “fish on” alert on your phone.

Additionally, the Blue Tipz app allows you to record data such as date, time, weather, type of fish caught and allows you to seamlessly share your catch on social media!

Learn more and view pricing for Blue Tipz here…

#3 Ice House Anchor

#1 Ice House Anchor

Wind on the lake can be unpredictable and a single strong gust of wind can send your ice house sliding from one end of the lake to the other.

The Digger Ice Angel is hands down the best ice house anchor available on the market. The Digger Ice Angel is designed to grab the ice and only let go when you tell it to.

With this ice house anchor you will need to drill a hole in the ice anywhere from 6 to 10 inches without drilling all the way through the ice to the water. You will want to keep the ice hole clear of all water if possible.

From there simply drop your Digger Ice Angel into the hole and add tension to engage the anchor. To disengage the anchor simply release tension.

Learn more and view pricing for the Digger Ice Angel here…

#4 Bucket Carrier

5 Gallon Bucket Holder

It is virtually impossible to go ice fishing and not have at least 1 5 gallon bucket lined in another 5 gallon bucket full of fishing gear.

After a long day of catching fish and getting ready to head home, you all of the sudden have 1 5 gallon bucket full of fishing gear and 1 5 gallon bucket full of fish.

What you need is a handsfree way to transport your bucket full of fish and bucket full of fishing gear so you don’t have to make multiple trips back and forth on the ice.

Our ice fishing bucket carrier is the perfect solution as it mounts to your atv, utv or your snowmobile. Additionally, you can mount the bucket carrier to your boat in the summertime.

Learn more and view pricing for the 5 Gallon Bucket Lock’r Carrier here…

2nd Mar 2022 Weeders Digest

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