Lake Dredging Equipment for Your Lake or Pond

Lake Dredging Equipment for Your Lake or Pond

What Is Lake Dredging?

Lake dredging is the process of removing sediment such as muck and debris from the bottom of your lake or pond.

Why Is Lake Dredging Important?

The accumulation of muck is the result of dead vegetation and fish waste that has sunk to the bottom of the lake or pond and left to decompose. If left untreated, muck at the bottom of your lake or pond can cause foul odors and encourage rampant weed and algae growth in the bottom of your lake or pond and make swimming far less enjoyable.

When Should You Dredge Your Lake or Pond?

Generally speaking, smaller lakes and ponds should be dredged every 15 to 20 years. By routinely dredging your lake or pond you can ensure a healthy lake bottom and water quality for aquatic wildlife and plants to thrive in.

State Requirements For Dredging

Before you start any dredging project it is important to check with state and local authorities. Many states do require a permit from the DNR or US Army Corps of Engineers.

Lake Dredging Equipment Weeders Digest Offers

Weeders Digest has a couple of lake dredging options to choose from. The lake dredging equipment we have are suited for dredging mucky areas around your lakefront property or smaller ponds on farms, associations and golf courses.

Neptune Rake

Neptune Rake Lake Dredging Equipment

The Neptune Rake is the only 2 in 1 tool that not only dredges but is also an aquatic weed harvester for submerged aquatic plants.

The Neptune Rake requires 2 people to operate and can harvest up to 1 ton of lake weeds and muck in a single pass. It comes with a 7 foot wide, 40 inch deep stainless steel rake, a heavy duty foam cell float for deployment and 600 feet of 3 strand twisted polypropylene rope.

The off-set tines of the rake force aquatic weeds to zig zag up through the rake and jam, weeds are up rooted and cropped at their base, the rake also gathers sediment and sludge. The winch hauls the loaded rake right up onto dry land, two men then simply tip it forwards to dump the aquatic weeds then set it back on the float for the next haul. Mobile pond life has the opportunity to return to the pond unharmed.

Portable Suction Dredge

Portable Suction Lake Dredge

The Portable Suction Dredge allows you to hover the dredge pump over the bottom of your pond or lake and suck muck, sentiment and silt.

The Portable Suction Dredge is capable of moving about 15,800 gallons of water per hour and about 211 cubic feet of muck and sediment per hour. The muck and sediment can be pumped up to 492 feet away.

The Portable Suction Dredge is perfect for homeowners, contractors and shoreline management services who want the ability to clear specific sections of a lake or pond without polluting the natural resources in the lake or pond.

Considering A Dredging Project?

The lake and pond experts at Weeders Digest have helped thousands of homeowners, contractors and shoreline management services find the right dredging equipment for their needs.

In addition to our dredging equipment, we also carry a wide variety of lake weed harvesters, muck control products, lake rakes, lake weed cutters and water treatment products that will help keep your lake or pond in pristine condition for you and aquatic wildlife to enjoy.

Whether it’s a big project or a small project, contact Weeders Digest today at (877) 224-4899 and we will help you find the right products for your next lake or pond cleaning project.

23rd Mar 2024 Weeders Digest

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