Lake Pond Bacteria | Pellets VS Powder VS Liquid | Differences and which types to use in your lake or pond

Lake Pond Bacteria | Pellets VS Powder VS Liquid | Differences and which types to use in your lake or pond

Choosing The Right Bacteria For Your Lake Or Pond

When it comes to All-Natural ways to clear up murky water and excess sludge in lakes and ponds, beneficial bacteria are one of the most popular solutions for cleaning up your area. Commonly referred to as enzymes,  water clarifiers, or muck digesters, these bacteria are revolutionizing the way lake and pond muck is eliminated. Beneficial lake & pond bacteria products are available in pellets, pucks, blocks, powder and liquid form, making it crucial to understand the differences between them, how they’re best applied, and which form to use based on your lake or pond situation.

Lake & Pond Muck Remover Pellets

Pelletized bacteria | Muck Remover Pellets are beneficial bacteria, enzymes and other bio-stimulants compacted into pellet form. Pellets do the best job of other forms at specifically targeting the organic debris or muck that has settled on the BOTTOM of the lake or pond. 

This method of application is great for targeting calm, stagnant areas in a water body. Ponds of all sizes, shallow shorelines, bays, and coves are examples of excellent treatment areas to target with pelletized bacteria.

Liquid Water Clarifyer bacteria enzymeLiquid lake & pond bacteria are designed to work best clearing up murky water and odors in the water column where they move around trying to find a food source, in contrast to the pelletized bacteria sinking and thriving on the lake or pond bottom. One of the benefits of liquid bacterias is a quick water clarity improvement, in addition to easy application You can apply liquid bacteria by itself or you can tank mix the product into a spray tank. A third way to apply is mixing via an aerator or fountain to get the bacteria nice and mixed up in the water column.

Powder Pond Lake water clarifier

Powderized Bacteria is a lake / pond clarifier that helps eliminate dead organic matter throughout the water column, and can be applied in the same areas and ways as liquid bacteria (in the water column and on the surface). Our powderized bacteria comes as loose, fine bacteria and typically in water soluble packets so it’s pre-measured and easier to know the exact amount you’re putting in. The packets also dissolve completely, and mix up in the water column on their own.


All three of these products are great options, but they do have some differences. Ultimately, you’re adding a probiotic to add beneficial microorganisms, while stimulating the natural microbial community that already exists in that water body. The ultimate goal is improving the overall diversity of bacteria and health of the lake or pond. Adding  aeration to the area your treating will dramatically improve the speed and which muck and sludge is reduced.

Use  Pelletized Bacteria to reduce and eliminate muck silt and sludge on the BOTTOM

Use  Powdered Bacteria or Liquid Bacteria to clear up murky water and odors on the SURFACE and throughout the WATER COLLUMN


Why ShoreTech Black Label bacteria Products out-perform other bacteria products:

ShoreTech Industries proprietary culturing and blending techniques give them the ability to use bacterial strains that are not commercially available. They are highly concentrated, broader spectrum and faster acting. This results in the products work in a wider range of environments and excel at stimulating the natural microbial communities.

All ShoreTech products contain bacillus, pseudomonas, and nitrifying bacterial strains. The combinations can include both aerobic and anaerobic organisms. They also contain beneficial microorganisms, trace minerals, and bio-stimulants that greatly improve performance.

Many other brands only contain basic beneficial bacteria strains and very few, if any of these other important ingredients. This “one size fits all” approach limits the products effectiveness in many situations.

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