Spring into Action: The Essential AquaThruster Owner's Guide for Seasonal Checks and Installation

Attention all AquaThruster owners! Summer 2023 is just around the corner, and it's time to gear up and get your AquaThruster ready for action. This short guide is designed specifically for you, providing helpful tips and insights on how to prepare your AquaThruster for the upcoming season. By following these suggestions, you can make the most of your AquaThruster and enjoy a cleaner, healthier, and more enjoyable waterfront experience.

The Importance of Early AquaThruster Deployment
Getting your AquaThruster in the water as early as possible is crucial to maximize its benefits throughout the spring and summer months. Early deployment enables the AquaThruster to begin circulating water and moving muck away from your shoreline, preventing the buildup of organic materials that contribute to weed growth. As a result, you'll enjoy a cleaner, low-maintenance waterfront that provides an ideal environment for swimming, boating, and other water-based activities all season long.

Essential Pre-Installation Checks for Your AquaThruster
Before you jump into the installation process, it's crucial to perform some routine maintenance checks on your AquaThruster. Taking the time to examine these key components prior to installation can save you time, effort, and potential headaches down the line. In this section, we will highlight the importance of checking the following items before putting your AquaThruster back into the water:

  1. Inspect the power cord: Carefully check the entire length of your power cords for any signs of damage that may have occurred during storage or operation in the previous season. Damaged cords can pose safety risks and impact the performance of your AquaThruster. If you discover any issues with your power cord, it can be easily replaced.
  2. Test the AquaThruster: Before installing your AquaThruster, plug it in to ensure that it is functioning properly. It's always better to verify that everything is in working order before committing to the installation process. If you encounter any issues, our technicians are standing by, ready to assist you.
  3. Check the zinc anode: As you prepare to install your AquaThruster for the Spring/Summer season, you may want to check your zinc anode (this is especially important for AquaThrusters that operate in brackish or salt water). Zinc anodes play a vital role in protecting your motor from corrosion caused by electrolysis. Weeders Digest recommends replacing the anode every year or sooner if it is more than 50% depleted.

    Replacing the zinc anode on your AquaThruster is a straightforward task that can be performed on the motor's shaft. The zinc anode is compatible with all 1/2 hp, 3/4 hp, and 1 hp AquaThrusters. To order a new anode, CLICK HERE.
  4. Examine the propeller: Inspect your propeller for any signs of damage, as a fully functional propeller is essential for optimal performance. If you find any issues with the propeller, you can easily order a replacement by clicking HERE.

By carefully examining these key components before installing your AquaThruster, you can ensure a smooth, trouble-free start to your Spring/Summer waterfront season. Performing these checks will not only save you time and effort but also help maintain the longevity and efficiency of your AquaThruster.

Getting your AquaThruster in the water early in the season offers numerous benefits that contribute to a cleaner and more enjoyable waterfront experience.

We encourage you to install your AquaThruster as soon as possible to reap the benefits of an improved aquatic environment throughout the spring and summer months. Remember, the Weeders Digest team is always available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about the installation process or the AquaThruster in general.

By investing in the AquaThruster and ensuring proper installation, you'll be well on your way to a healthier, more enjoyable waterfront that you and your family can cherish all season long.

23rd Mar 2024 Weeders Digest

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