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Kill Cattails | Cut Cattails | Cattail Removal Equipment

The Best Tool for Cutting Cattails and Thick Aquatic Brush

Hey, this Scott from Weeder’s Digest and I want to take a minute and show off our Aquatic Vegetation Groomer and our Float Package.

With the Aquatic Vegetation Groomer you have the ability to get underneath the water with a gas powered tool that will take care of any submerged and emergent weeds, even cattails. There are two reciprocating blades on the lower end, and this gives you the ability to get right down into the muck and into the root system and mow those weeds down.

I'm excited to explain just a little bit more about a product that is made here at the Weeder’s Digest Headquarters, this is the Aquatic Vegetation Groomer Float attachment. We've been selling the Aquatic Vegetation Groomer for years and as they say necessity is the mother of all invention. So many of our folks they wish that they could take that Aquatic Vegetation Groomer into areas that they couldn't walk to or wade into. We've listened to your feedback and we now have your solution.

With the Aquatic Vegetation Groomer Float Package you'll have the ability to take that groomer into places you've never been able to go before. Perhaps you have a large area of cattails that are in a sharp nook or corner that you couldn't reach with just the groomer alone. Perhaps you have a large area bulrush out in deeper waters you are wishing to get to. This Aquatic Vegetation Groomer Float Package will accomplish that for you. You have a four-foot cutting depth and you have seven, eleven or fifteen feet of handle length to take that groomer in new places and new territories.

 The depth adjuster plate will let you set the depth of your choice from zero to four feet.

Perhaps you could even take it out on your watercraft and tuck it into areas that you've been longing to clean up. This will be your solution. This is the best one-two punch that we offer, it's a gas-powered unit and a float package, we strongly believe that this is the best product for cutting cattails and other thick vegetation.

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27th Mar 2020 Weeders Digest

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