What Are the Benefits of Having a Pond Fountain?

What Are the Benefits of Having a Pond Fountain?

Have you ever walked past a gorgeous pond fountain and just stopped for a moment to take in its beauty?

Indeed, they are a wondrous sight. They create an invitation to relax, no matter the size, and attract several elements of nature. From birds of the air to fish of the sea, creatures great and small will benefit from something that may have started as an enhancement to your property.

Did you also know fountains do a lot more than adding a touch of class to a water feature? They also add oxygen to the water through a process known as aeration, which keeps the entire body of water in tip-top shape.

Below, we're going to outline the benefits of even a small pond fountain for your beloved water feature. What you'll begin to see is it adds both functionality and class.

It Helps the Fish

If your pond serves as a habitat for fish, then a fountain is almost necessary. Indeed, some form of moving water is.

Stagnant water creates distinct layers of water to form at different depths and different temperatures. This is otherwise known as stratification.

Stratification creates oxygen depletions in specific depths, and this is harmful to fish in the ecosystem. Meanwhile, moving water prevents these stratospheres from forming, creating a balanced ecosystem.

It Reduces Odor

There's little benefit to decorative pond fountains if the body of water they're dancing in emits a noxious odor. Typically, that odor is caused by hydrogen sulfide.

The simple act of adding more oxygen into the mix will significantly diminish the production of this terrible gas that does nothing to create ambiance and atmosphere.

It Reduces Other Harmful Chemicals

As you introduce more oxygen into the environment, harmful chemicals such as ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates stand less of a chance.

Without getting too scientific, the long and short of it is, when you have a higher level of oxygen, it will stimulate the production of aerobic bacterial, which will prevent a spike in the kinds of chemicals you wouldn't want your family around.

It Keeps the Mosquitos Away

Two things can ruin an evening by the pond: hydrogen sulfide and mosquitos. But, mosquitos don't do well anywhere there's a breeze and, although they like water, they need it to be still.

Mosquitos lay their eggs in water, but moving water would do nothing to help them spawn more ankle-biters.

It Starves Algae

The last thing people want to see in their ponds is algae. With the addition of a small pond fountain, the oxygen added to the water helps phosphorus convert into other forms that are not usable by algae as food.

In addition to this, the movement created by outdoor pond fountains can push algae spores toward the bottom of the pond, depriving them of the sunlight that's needed for their growth.

It Prevents Accumulation

Dredging is a task that's required whenever too much organic material piles up at the bottom of a pond. Ponds are wonderful attractors of birds, fish, and other creatures.

But, with that comes the accumulation of other materials, such as loose sticks, grass, and dreaded algae.

When they begin to accumulate too much on the bottom of your pond, it slowly transforms from a crystal, clean body of water to a brown-looking blob on the verge of a swamp.

But, again, as you aerate your water, some of those sediments won't even have a chance to develop.

Organic matter decomposes faster when there's ample oxygen in the water, preventing some of those materials from building up in the first place.

It Prevents Freezing

We're based out of Minnesota, so we know a thing or two about cold winters. We're not saying pond fountains will prevent water from freezing when temperatures hover in single-digit or sub-zero digits.

But, a constant water movement does discourage ice from forming (up to a certain point).

Although your pond fountain may have begun as a decorative feature, in the end, it could actually elongate the amount of time that you (and your fish) get to enjoy a newfound ecosystem.

It Creates Ambiance

We couldn't leave without mentioning the obvious benefit of added beauty. First, there's the sound of running water that's often very relaxing for people looking to quiet down and spend some time outdoors.

Then, there's the overall look of such a water feature. Watching water spring up and land back down in an orchestrated dance will never get old. Some people even add colored lights to the show for a truly show-stopping effect.

We like to compare this to those that love to gather around the fire and gaze at the dancing flames. A gentle fountain with an evening light show creates a beautiful place for friends and family to gather around.

The Best Pond Fountain for You

Having a pond fountain on your property is a blessing. You can welcome the sights and sounds of nature in the peaceful hours of the morning, the rush of the day, or the quiet hours of the evening.

But, if you're going to make such an investment, you want to be sure you keep that water moving.

Here at Weeder's Digest, we're your dedicated lake and pond experts.

We specialize in sludge control, algae control, water treatments, irrigation pumps, and so much more. Together, we'll help you maintain your water feature so that it flows effortlessly for a lifetime.

2nd Mar 2022 Weeders Digest

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