What Size Mast & Wing Should I Buy For My Lift3 eFoil Electric Surfboard?

What Size Mast & Wing Should I Buy For My Lift3 eFoil Electric Surfboard?

When choosing a new Lift eFoil board you’ll see two different options: the Lift3 and the Lift3 F.

Lift3 is the standard third generation Carbon Fiber eFoil Board. The Lift3 comes with a plethora of size and accessory options. It's amazing (for those of you that like to fully customize your efoiling experience).With the Lift3 you can choose from four different size boards (4’2”, 4’9”, 5’4” & 5’9”). Next you’ll select the board’s finish (blushed blue, blushed white and carbon black) All colors are available for all sizes, except carbon black on the 5’9” board. Just a heads up. Then, they have you choose a battery, the “Light” battery comes included with every board and it has 60 minutes of ride time, you have the option to purchase the “Full” battery, which extends the ride time to 100 minutes for an additional $1000.00. If you would like an in depth look at the battery options CLICK HERE.

Then you get to the fun part; masts & wings! The available options are different between the Lift3 and the Lift3 F are different, so keep that in mind. Here’s what mast, front wing and back wing options you get to choose from with the Lift3 (Carbon Fiber):


With the Lift3 you have two options when it comes to mast size, the 28” and the 32”. The 28” mast is the one that comes standard with all Lift3 purchases. It’s versatile and responsive. As the “standard” mast it’s probably the best option for 95% of efoilers. The 32” mast is supposed to be best when paired with one of the high aspect wings (more on those later). The 32” mast is supposed to allow you to do deeper turns.

Since the Lift3's standard mast is a 28" model, if you want to upgrade to a 32" mast, there may be a delay in receiving it from the vendor/dealer, they, more than likely will not have any on hand.

Front Wing

This is where it gets to be fun! There are lots of options to choose from when selecting the front wing on the Lift3, here are the options:

150 Surf V2 - Has a sporty design, and provides a good slide. If you’re looking for a front wing that will give you the ability to zip around the lake, this one has the nuances to help you do just that!

200 Surf V2 (Comes Standard) - We include the 200 Surf V2 in with all of our Lift3 boards. It’s the best all around wing. It offers great performance output, for the average sized rider.

250 Surf V2 - This is a very stable wing, it’s very well suited for larger riders. As you can imagine, weight and size play a role in your efoiling experience.

300 Surf V2 - Ultra stable, the wider wing is best suited for new riders. While providing more stability and lessening the learning curve for those that are new to efoiling, it’s still capable of doing lots of fun maneuvers.

120 High Aspect - Ultra tuned for performance, the high aspect wings are only recommended for the most skilled riders. Offers signature speed & maneuverability.

170 High Aspect - Top efficiency, and top efficiency makes this one of the most fun, and yet most challenging wings of the bunch. You can really have lots of fun on this wing, but you will need to put in some practice.

200 High Aspect - For experienced riders that have put in serious time efoiling. Offers the greatest performance and maneuverability. Not for beginners or intermediate riders.

Back Wing

You have three options when it comes to selecting a back wing. The larger wings offer more stability and less movement with the cost of added drag. Even though the differences can seem rather subtle to some, the best back sing for new or intermediate riders would be the one that's the largest and most stable.

Smaller Wings on the other hand are faster and have more maneuverability due to the fact that there’s less drag, but that comes with the cost of being less stable overall.

The smaller the wing, the faster the speed.

48 Surf V2 (standard) - Offers the most stability of the three options. Is the largest so it will have a slight effect on maneuverability and top speed verse the smaller options.

38 Surf V2 - Recommended for expert level efoilers only. It’s more versatile when it comes to maneuverability and speed.

32 Glude V2 - The smallest, therefore the fastest and less stable of the three options. Only recommended for expert efoilers. Offers the greatest level of maneuverability.


There are many factors to consider when selecting the front and back wings for your Lift3 efoil. The most important factor is your skill level. If you are a beginner or intermediate rider, it is best to select the largest and most stable wing options. For expert riders, the smaller and faster wings may be more appealing. Ultimately, it is up to the rider to decide what is best for their individual needs and riding style.

Our Recommendation

Begin with the standard sized mast and wing, Lift is a great company and we believe that the 28" mast that comes with all of their Lift3s is the finest for new, intermediate, and advanced efoilers. The same goes for the wing; we'd recommend using a 200 Surf V2 standard size... to begin. Thankfully masts and wings are easily replaceable, so as you grow as an efoiler you can easily swap in and out new wings and masts.

23rd Mar 2024

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