Diffused Aeration Custom Layout Form

With a little information from you, we can design a custom diffused aeration layout that will provide optimal water quality results as well as pricing estimates.  Please read through the overview of the information we need from you, then fill out the form at the bottom of the page. If you cannot answer all of the questions that is OK. We can assist you after you submit your initial request.

Pond or Lakes Location:

Do you know your pond or lake’s approximate address or coordinates? This information allows our diffused aeration experts to get a bird’s eye view of your water body by using Google Earth. From here, we can determine your pond or lake’s shape and size and show you exactly where we suggest to place each diffuser, how long each tubing run needs to be, and where your compressor should be mounted.

How deep is your water:

We’ll need to know the max. depth as well as the average depth. Approximate numbers are ok.

Depth Profile:

Do you have an idea of what the bottom contours look like? If there are any deep spots or super shallow spots that’s good to know because it helps with diffuser placement. 

Where is your power located and what type of power do you have:

Knowing where your power is located related to where your water body is will give us a great idea of what type of diffused aeration system you need. In most cases, our standard systems should be located within 1 mile from the water’s edge, but for distances longer than 1 mile, we do offer our remote manifold options, allowing the systems to be further than 1 mile away from the water’s edge. We also need to know whether you have 120V or 240V electricity available.