Lift Hydrofoil Electric Surfboard

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  • Lift Hydrofoil Electric Surfboard
  • Lift Hydrofoil Electric Surfboard
  • Lift Hydrofoil Electric Surfboard
  • Lift Hydrofoil Electric Surfboard
  • Lift Hydrofoil Electric Surfboard
  • Lift Hydrofoil Electric Surfboard
  • Lift Hydrofoil Electric Surfboard
  • Lift Hydrofoil Electric Surfboard
  • Lift Hydrofoil Electric Surfboard
  • Lift Hydrofoil Electric Surfboard
  • Lift Hydrofoil Electric Surfboard


Lift Hydrofoil Electric Surfboard

WE HAVE 2023 INVENTORY in our showroom located in New Hope Minnesota! 

And, even when there is ice on his Minnesota lake, as crazy as it might seem, the owner of The Weeders Digest is e-foiling. WHY? Because e-foiling is so much fun!  Let one of our trained foil pros take you for a paid demo so you can see for yourself! Learn more about our Try "Before You Buy" demo program HERE


Check out the Lift Foil and our complete line of e-water sports products at

The eFoil uses an advanced lithium-ion battery to power a silent electric motor that’s mounted on an all-carbon fiber hydrofoil, all controlled with a wireless Bluetooth hand controller. Riders can fly for over an hour at speeds of up to 30 mph.

We’ve designed our products for everyone from total beginners looking for a fun and safe experience to top athletes who are seeking their next thrill. We generally recommend the eFoil for riders ages 16 and up, who weigh less than 250 pounds.

We worked with top U.S. engineers to create a custom lithium-ion battery pack built specifically for a rugged marine environment.

  • Offers an average 60-minute ride time, depending on rider weight and speed. Closer to 90 minutes of riding is common.
  • Takes less than 2 hours to fully charge.
  • Can be easily interchanged and recharged.
  • Is rugged, waterproof, and fully submersible.
  • Comes equipped with the most sophisticated internal components and automotive grade manufacturing to keep riders safe.
  • Weighs 29 lbs.

Our propulsion system delivers the most power and reliability on the market. Period. It’s liquid cooled and built to run all day, every day. Tow your friends while you’re at it.

eFoil MOTOR: Our motor is sleek and hydrodynamic for reduced drag in the water. Its design is a direct drive with minimal mechanical components (no gearbox needed) for maximum torque, response, and silence. Forget complicated motors with redundant gearboxes that lack torque and will eventually fail. Our motors are virtually maintenance free, built to last, and deliver an incredible amount of power.

OUR PROPELLERS: Our propellers are custom milled from a block of the highest grade aluminum, hand polished, balanced, and treated for longevity and marine use. They offer the ultimate thrust-to-energy ratio to increase battery life and deliver power and speed, all for an incredibly smooth and quiet ride.

Our patented Bluetooth hand controller gives the rider complete control at their fingertips for an effortless, smooth ride.

  • Offers the most refined throttle design for total control at your fingertips.
  • Uses the most powerful wireless Bluetooth technology
  • Is sealed and completely waterproof. Yes, it floats.
  • Features automatic power shut off if the lever is released or if the hand controller is submerged in water.
  • Has a display screen with battery charge levels, power settings, alerts, and multiple user profiles.
  • Doesn’t require charging—one less thing to worry about.

A decade of experience designing and building hydrofoils and high-quality boards led to the creation of the eFoil. We’ve translated the best materials, design skills, and attention to detail into an incredible ride. Our hydrofoils and boards are built from premium carbon fiber, which offers the perfect flex patterns along with toughness and weight reduction. The wings are interchangeable so the rider can swap out different designs for unlimited flying sensations. Assembly is seamless and all components can be broken down for transport within minutes.

The Weeders Digest is a full service dealer of the Lift eFoil. You can find more information, watch videos and more at our dedicated Lift e-foil website HERE.  or visit

or Call us at 877-224-4899

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