Lund Dock Stairs / Steps

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  • Lund Dock Stairs / Steps
  • Lund Dock Stairs / Steps


JB Lund Dock Stairs/Steps

Lund Docks are the best maintenance free dock for your lake shore. The JB Lund Roll-In Dock system is a lightweight classic design, and provides the ultimate ease going in and out of water. Sturdy aluminum trusses with triple stringers and 2 3/8” OD aluminum legs mean your dock won’t shift or flex. Removable 4×4 foot decking panels allow you to match your dock to your needs and environment.


Add these study, well-built dock stairs to your JB Lund Dock today. Steps can be moved or mounted anywhere on your JB Lund Dock. Call 763-551-1441 for special pricing!

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  • Lund leads the industry with its welded triple stringer system and cross-members every 4 feet. Triple stringers strengthen the frame, fully support the decking and eliminate flex.
  • Lund’s Roll-In are designed to be sturdy, yet versatile. With 2 3/8” aluminum legs and pockets mounted to the inside of the trusses, you can adapt to any situation.
  • Every Lund Roll-In Dock is equipped with durable roto-molded wheels that never go flat, making install and removal simple.

Decking Options



Inland Cedar

Constructed of injection-molded vinyl. Lund’s gray and beige grate decking prevents water pooling, making it ideal for rough water. Inland cedar decking provides an attractive compliment to any dock and has a unique serrated top.

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