Roundup Custom Glyphosate for Aquatic Use | 2.5 gallons

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Round-Up Custom | Unleash the Beauty, Vanquish the Weeds!

Round-Up Custom is a powerful herbicide designed to help you maintain a clean and beautiful shoreline and dock area at your lake house. It works by targeting and eliminating over 190 different weed species without harming the aquatic and terrestrial environments around your property. The active ingredient, glyphosate, specifically attacks the weed's enzymes, preventing them from growing and spreading. Round-Up Custom is easy to use and highly effective, making it the perfect solution to keep your lake house shoreline and dock area pristine and weed-free, so you can enjoy a relaxing and visually appealing environment.

Key Features & Benefits:

  1. Comprehensive Weed Control: Effectively eliminates over 190 different weed species, ensuring a pristine and well-maintained landscape.
  2. Eco-friendly: Designed to target and remove weeds without causing harm to aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.
  3. Versatile Application: Suitable for use around lake houses, shorelines, dock areas, rights of way, and various landscapes.
  4. Easy to Use: Can be applied with irrigation systems and handheld equipment for convenient and efficient weed management.
  5. Compatible with Tank Mixtures: Can be combined with other herbicides or additives to enhance control over stubborn weeds and brush.
  6. Glyphosate-based Formula: Utilizes a proven and potent ingredient to disrupt weed growth without affecting desired plants.
  7. Ideal for Various Settings: Perfect for agricultural farms, ornamental turf, industrial and commercial sites, and reforestation areas.
  8. Time-saving: Minimizes the need for manual weed removal, allowing you to enjoy more leisure time at your lake house or property.


How it Works:

Round-Up Custom Herbicide works by being applied to the foliage of actively growing weeds. Its active ingredient, glyphosate, is absorbed by the plants and penetrates their system, targeting and inhibiting the enzymes responsible for the synthesis of essential aromatic amino acids. This disruption in the growth process ultimately leads to the weed's death, without harming desired plants or aquatic and terrestrial environments. For improved coverage and control, it is recommended to use Round-Up Custom with a nonionic surfactant.

Step 1 Absorption: Round-Up Custom is applied to the foliage of actively growing weeds, where it is absorbed by the plant.

Step 2 Penetration: The herbicide's active ingredient, glyphosate, penetrates the plant's leaves and travels throughout its system, targeting the enzymes responsible for its growth.

Step 3 Enzyme Inhibition: Glyphosate inhibits the weed's enzymes involved in synthesizing tyrosine, tryptophan, and phenylalanine, three essential aromatic amino acids, ultimately disrupting the weed's growth process.

Step 4 Weed Death: As a result of the disrupted growth process, the weed dies off while leaving desired plants and the aquatic and terrestrial environments unaffected.

Step 5 Pristine Landscape: Round-Up Custom effectively eliminates weeds, maintaining a clean and visually appealing landscape around your lake house, shoreline, and dock area.

Note: It's recommended to use Round-Up Custom with a nonionic surfactant to improve coverage and control. Always follow label instructions and local regulations when applying herbicides.

Round-Up Custom Herbicide Overview


Active Ingredient: Glyphosate 53.8%

Formulation: Suspended Concentrate

Chemical Type: Herbicide

Restricted Use: No

Shipping Restrictions: AK, CA, CT, HI, IN, MI, NY, OR, RI, SC, VT, WA

Target Pests

Round-Up Custom Herbicide controls a wide variety of grasses and weeds, including barley, barnyardgrass, bittercress, brome, buttercup, cheatgrass, chickweed, cocklebur, crabgrass, cupgrass, fiddleneck, fleabane, foxtail, geranium, goosegrass, groundsel, henbit, itchgrass, johnsongrass, knotweed, kochia, lambsquarters, morning glory, mustard, oats, panicum, pennycress, pigweed, ragweed, red rice, ryegrass, sandbur, shattercane, smartweed, sorghum, spurge, sunflower, thistle, wheat, witchgrass, and many others. Please refer to the label for the complete list of target pests.


Equipment: Backpack Sprayer, Pump Sprayer, Spray Rig

Methods: Broadcast Spray, Spot Treatment

Note: This chart assumes that for Round-Up Custom, we're using the dosage for a 0.5% mixture, which is 2/3 oz per gallon of water. Please adjust your mixture according to the actual size of your spray tank and the concentration you want to achieve. Always remember to follow product instructions and safety guidelines when mixing and applying these products.

Performance and Storage

Time to Kill: Immediate results with effects visible on most annual weeds within 2 to 4 days. For most perennial weeds, it may take a week or longer. Full control may require several treatments.

Shelf Life: 1 to 3 years in storage when kept in a cool, dry place. Ideally stored in rooms around 68 degrees F to prevent crystallization.

Yield: If used at the higher rate for weed control, trim-and-edge, or bareground treatment, each 2.5-gallon container will treat approximately 38,000 square feet.

Use Sites: Outdoors

Expert Tips and Product Drawbacks

Pro Tip: "Remember, Round-Up Custom Herbicide is a non-selective post-emergent herbicide, meaning it will only kill weeds that have already sprouted, and it could kill desirable plants if they come into direct contact with the chemical. If you need to spray one plant while keeping others around it, cover the desirable plants to prevent accidental spraying."

Product Drawbacks: Watering or heavy rainfall can easily wash the product off treated plants, requiring repeat applications.







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